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June Update

Posted: July 1, 2009 in Stuff

Well folks it’s been a VERY productive month. I’ve been extremely busy aquiring about 5 new projects with excellent clients. I’ve compiled a list of online classified and have been posting my store items TIRELESSLY day and night with some success.  I’ve also started hitting ebay and still waiting to see what happens with that but all in all I’m pleased with my progress. I’m still working on the reality show pieces which have been my main focal point this month. I also purchased a high quality scanner so I can quit shelling out $80 everytime I go to Kinko’s so I’m pretty excited about that. I have about 3 new pieces completed and they should be getting uploaded to the site very soon. Due to the recent pass of Michael Jackson I took a break from the other artwork I was working on to do my first watercolor piece. It was a tribute painting I did that has been getting rave reviews and I’m pretty proud of it. The patriotic piece I did is also complete as well as the “Geishia” piece. Right now I’m working on the Music City piece which will be sort of a composition dedicated to Nashville. It’s going to be the skyline with actual giant musical intruments fused in with the city which will also be done in watercolor. I’ve also been studying the philosophy of art and how it relates to life which is an interesting subject even if you’re not an artist yourself (which I believe most of us are). I’ll have a couple blog drafts saved on this subject not published yet which should stir up some thinking with the people that follow my site. Speaking of “following” YEAH I’m finally on Twitter . . . and Facebook, and MySpace and a host of other social sites online now and I’ll soon be posting links to each so we can all stay connected and you can see what I’m doing. I’m also going to list all the free classified sites online which has taken almost a YEAR of research on my part so that’ll be some free valuable information if any of you want to sell some stuff around the house. I also have a list of free online stores you can open. I’m telling you folks there are so many resources online for free or close to it it’s ridiculous. Lately I’ve been getting a lot of inquiries as to how I got my site up and my knowledge of “how to”s of the internet. Feel free to contact me with questions. I’ll be doing blogs on what resources I’ve used and how to get around on this vast world wide web in the future. I’m also going to be doing a youtube promo video this summer featuring my work and merchandise to get even more people talking. As far as art galleries go I’ve been accepted into a brand new art gallery in Nashville called Hypnotix. They were impressed with my work and reached out to me so I had to reach back. July looks like it’s going to be my busiest and most profitable month yet as I’m working with more clients and getting ready for the reality show. Stay tuned for my art philosophy blogs and new artwork uploaded as well as new merchandise. I’m getting closer and closer folks, can you feel it?