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July Update

Posted: August 4, 2009 in Stuff

MAAAAAAN what a month. July was super busy as expected but a LOT of progress has been made. I’m all over the place on and offline but just to break it all down here’s whats been happening. First of all I’m grateful to God blessing me with a HUGE art deal with an overseas buyer this month. It’s the biggest deal I’ve ever closed and it’s given me a huge boost of energy for the following month and let me know I’m on the right track as far as my career.  This buyer is purchasing a combination of pieces of mine and has taken to my work. Next thing was my acceptance into a fresh new art gallery in Chicago by an art lover and entrepreneur named Jeff Davis. I’m excited about that and may start traveling more so my buyers can meet me and get to know about the artist their purchasing from. I feel a lot of the transaction between artist and art purchaser is in the art purchaser getting to know the artist and asking questions about how the artist came to this creation and his or her past that makes them see things and compose what they do. It’s an intricate process and really a thing of beauty when you break it down. But anyways I’m still working on the Trendsetters reality show submission (just finished a sensual art piece that I’ll be uploading shortly) and a few other pieces. Some other projects that are possibly in the works are the complete logo and art direction design of a Jamaican restaurant in Atlanta and a few more books. My career is taking off and I’m really excited about the rest of 2009. I’m learning a lot about the business aspect of art and I’ll be getting into more galleries as word spreads. I’ve also been asked to be the assistant coordinator of the artist network in Nashville I belong to so look out for that movement if you’re in Nashville. Well that’s about it for now. . . . Oh yeah, my new head shot on my “About Gabriel” page is courtesy of Mariam Bakhtiari. She did an outstanding job. I’ll be linking to her soon. Until next time folks.