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August Update

Posted: September 3, 2009 in Stuff

Well folks looks like another eventful month in the books. I grabbed up a few more contracts and worked my #%$ off putting this reality show submission package together which has been my main focal point in August. I submitted¬†6 pieces including “A Tribute To A King” which I kind of didn’t want to but I thought “greater risk greater reward” so I sent it even though I consider that piece almost like a child of mine or something. I drew and painted more in August than I think any other month so far. My creative output was running on high octane, plenty late nights, headphones hooked into the laptop, vibing to music letting the paintbrush sway along the tablet. I think you all will enjoy the new pieces that came out of this whole process. I got out of my usual element with a few of them and I’ll be blogging about the more epic pieces “Battle for the Mind”, etc. I’ve been so busy producing more art that I’ve kind of left my promotion, publicity, sales, and all THAT stuff to the people that are close to me. For that I thank them, and I thank you all for your support. Big breaks are happening as we speak and hopefully this show will be one of them. If not I’m still not down and out. I have a couple other things going but taking my art worldwide and having it recognized on such a scale is a goal that having my art and personality on a medium like TV would help me reach me quicker. My birthday was on the 7th, I turned 27. I did the usual birthday life reflection, where I am, where I want to be, and all that. You know how you have those moments in life where you look at your life and suspend time like you’re on a beach alone¬†looking at the tide come in at dusk while you’re trying to make sense of life but taking in the experience of the present at the same time . . . well that’s what I’ve been doing all the month of August. Not to mention the mental state I been in having to create quality yet unrushed work on a timeline. I guess it’s been good practice but all in all August was more of an artistic development and personal growth month than a promotion and marketing month which is ok. I’ve also been thinking I need to take more risks in this journey of mine and in life in general. I need to take more risks with my art as well so I’ve been brainstorming . . . and more importantly closing my eyes and feeling what’s next. Look for my new art being uploaded soon. Thanks for all the support.