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September Update

Posted: October 6, 2009 in Stuff

Well folks I’m a couple days late but SO WHAT IT’S MY SITE! Sike, I’m playn’. I’ve been fortunate enough to pick up some major projects last month and SENT OFF THE REALITY SHOW SUBMISSION PACKAGE! No phone call yet but I got my fingers crossed. I sent them a video interview and everything trying to look all TV worthy and stuff. But anyways the internet has been huge in the aquisition of new business. Classified sites have been delivering as always which has been helping me build capital for my next moves. Next moves being a massive direct mail campaign, infiltration of the whole “art gallery” world, more merchandising, and last but not least, art shows. September presented a lot of turning points for me and changed my perception on my career somewhat. I was having a conversation with one of my closest advisors (good ol’ Moms) and she brought some things to her baby boy’s attention. One thing being I need to hone my skills more, produce work equal to or better than my most prolific work to date. She made me see more clearly my artistic voice as it pertains to visual art. With illustration it’s a lot different because your artistic voice conveys the message of the client who commissions you. Visual art is about what stands out to the artist themself, inspiration, emotion, life symbolism, etc. I realized my expression is a lot about the here and now, the human experience with images capturing events and feelings we can all relate to. Maybe I’m like a journalist who instead of reads a teleprompter to share news instead captures the events of the time with symbols translating into shapes and color in a way which we can all relate and connect with somebody that sees and feels the same as us. Moms pointed out one of the prolific period artists of his time, Norman Rockwell. I haven’t done much research on his life but I know he was an illustrator AND visual artist that painted the events of his day in historical record keeping perspective as well as the emotion of the people experiencing the events along with him. And that got me thinking. Period art has been an intricate part of civilization since heiroglyphics in ancient egypt. Back then it was more record keeping than art but it was still art of the period nonetheless. Kind of like a storyteller, a person who passes down recorded folklore, every generation has one but lately I haven’t really seen one step up to the plate on the platform Rockwell must have given his name recognition and influence to this day. I don’t want to compare myself to Rockwell especially this early in my career but I feel my artistic expression and message is that of storyteller. Capturing through the minds eye the happenings of my time and the reaction and emotion of them as a human being so others can look and say “yes, I remember that and yes I felt how the artist must have  felt when he painted that”. This evolution of my artistic stand has been sudden and drastic but not without much unknowing preparation already. As I went over this aspiration in my mind I realized this has been a gradual process in my body of work overall. All I did was recognize it because of a lecture my mother gave me. Now more than ever I’ll be doing my part to bring you all what WE go through with the images I put together and do my part as a modern day storyteller.