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New Concept Painting Of Nashville

Posted: January 24, 2010 in Stuff

A concept watercolor rendering of Nashville I just wrapped up . . . kind of a new twist on it.


New Batman Concept Art

Posted: January 17, 2010 in Stuff

I watched the Batman movies recently and felt inspired to do this . . I know it’s kind of different but I didn’t want to do the same ol’ . . enjoy. .

Some New Artwork January 10th, 2010

Posted: January 10, 2010 in Stuff

The latest book cover I did for holiday season . .

New Artwork – January 5, 2010

Posted: January 6, 2010 in Stuff

I had to do a piece for one of my favorite recording artists ever. I draw to her music a lot so I thought it’s only right I do a piece dedicated to . . . . SADE.

Hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo out there! People these past two months have been busy as all get out and I’m sorry I haven’t updated my blog until today but as I explain why you’ll understand. I’ve hooked up with a new publishing company called Porterlance books and just did a book cover sample for a Christmas book that’ll I’ll be uploading to this blog soon. I’m now working with a few publishers on ongoing projects as well as being in contact with publications here in the Nashville area. I’ve also set up a new official website and turned this blog into more of what it is . . a blog.  I’m also working on numerous book projects and launched my first direct mail campaign so my site views have gone WAY up. My career has really taken off since first getting started and I’m grateful for each and every opportunity. My online presence has also increased as I’m creating more and more profiles on art sites giving my customers more ways to find me. The past two months have been all about marketing and getting my name out there, making contacts and networking. I’ve also aquired a business mentor from SCORE in Nashville, a small business administration branch provided by the city free of charge. This I feel will help me with all my left brain activities like number crunching, book keeping, and all that messy stuff artists usually don’t like tending to but is essential nonetheless. I have HUGE goals and plans for 2010 and plan on accomplishing them, mainly working with more publishers doing books in other states. I really want to be regularly traveling to the major publishing market cities like L.A, NYC, Chicago, and Atlanta. I love the city and as the ones who know me that track this blog know I’m a city boy so that’s where I tend to lean. I’m going to be traveling more and of course aquiring more customers. Another goal will be to focus on more merchandising and market to big time retailers as well as get into some more galleries. I’ll be back on track updating this blog every month as to letting everybody know my progress and start posting some how-to’s for all you other aspiring illustrators looking to pick up some insight. Happy New Year everybody!