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January-February 2010 Update

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Stuff

Well folks as you all have guessed it I’ve been busy, rippin’ and runnin’ from here to there working on out of state projects. I’ve been meeting new people related to the fields I’ve been interested in as well as people in the art world. Lately through my journey I’ve realized I’ve become somewhat of a go-to guy for information concerning merging art and business. This has humbled me more than anything but I’ve always considered myself a truth seeker and a sponge for knowledge as I feel all should be. I was just watching the Disney movie “Tarzan” with my little niece and a Phil Collins song came on and a certain line stood out to me. “By learning you will teach and by teaching you will learn”, that struck me. I realized I need to help other artists looking to make a business out of art. I’m part of a great network of artists in Nashville that are passionate about what they do and since meeting some of the great artistic folks in Nashville it’s made me want to step my game up and really show what I can do artistically as well as contribute all I’ve learned from the business side of things since taking the plunge. Now to my progress . . . I feel I’ve covered a lot of ground as far as assignments but I’m looking to better leverage my time as I feel most artists look for balance with their time. I’ve just recently started marketing more heavily to publishing houses right here in Nashville. Most of my business (books, company logos, etc.) has come from out of state but I thought it’s time to really connect with the art and business community right here in Nashville on a whole new level.  I’ve been ordering books related to art, business, marketing, and the like trying to polish my business acumen. So many doors are opening to me as far as merchandising which was what I sought out to do from the beginning. I’m going to be publishing a few “How-To’s” as to what I’ve read and picked up from experience. I feel it’ll be beneficial since a lot of people are now asking me to impart knowledge and expertise. I’ve even been asked lately by a few folks if I’d like to teach art classes which I’m considering. I’m also spreading my artwork across more galleries so stay tuned for news on that as well as any other developments. 2010 is turning out great so far and it’s only getting better. Until next time folks!