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Here’s the second installment in the series where we’re going to be dealing in details and stuff you’re going to need to get set up and start looking for prospects and hitting them hard. First thing you’re going to need is a book keeping system. You can do this with physical files or on your laptop or pda if you have one. Get a physical green folder and mark it “Income” and a red folder marking it “Expenses”. Also you’ll want to keep a log of your creating and marketing time slots because you’ll need to keep track of your time. If you want you can keep track of all this electronically using your laptop or pda. I integrate all three methods in synchronization but I can tell you sometimes technology will let you down . . . so don’t be lazy, keep physical records for backup. Plus we still live in a society where we get paper receipts and invoices for transactions. You don’t want to blow up and have the I.R.S. (sick face) at your door while all you have is your hands full of crashed equipment and no records. Next thing you’re going to want to do is get some EXTREMELY CRUCIAL BOOKS which I’m going to tell you which ones to buy. You may find other books outside of the list I give you here but these are the absolute MUST BUYS here. Since a lot of you may not get to sit down and have a cup of coffee with established artists in our industry you can do the next best thing and read what they have to say and how they got there. Here is the list you need to get asap.

2010 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market (more…)


As you all know on June 25th 2009 we lost one of the most influential people let alone recording artists of all time in the legendary king of pop Michael Jackson. The passing of M.J. is a shock felt by millions as his music was such a huge part in the memories of peoples lives for decades. I’ve read comments and blogs all over the internet of people feeling a piece of their childhood is gone with Michael Jackson.

 His influence over pop culture is unquestionable as you see many pop stars and wannabes shamelessly trying to emulate the best to ever do it. I can speak for myself and many others when I say his albums served as a soundtrack to the ’80’s and early ’90’s for many events that occurred as an adolescent. Songs like “Beat It”, “Thriller”, “Smooth Criminal” (some of my favorites) still bring back memories when you hear them like a familiar smell that takes you back (more…)

Isn’t it strange that when you really feel a bond with somebody . . . and I mean a REALLY strong bond, you can almost detect when you’re going to get contacted that person? The answer is no it isn’t strange . . . not at all. And when I say “missing” someone you can be missing them for ANY period of time, a day, a month, years, or even an hour. Sometimes you may miss somebody more intensely after an hour that somebody else you miss for a year and vice versa. I think the potency of missing somebody lies in the impact they’ve made on your subconscious mind and how bad you wanted a person like that in your life before you met them. For instance, I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction . . . well actually not a believer, more of a realizer because it acts independent of your belief in it or not. When you think of what kind of person you want or need in your life and feel it already the universe rearranges itself like a puzzle to bring that person to you.

The flip side is that person has obviously brought you into their life just the same way. So when you and that person meet there is an instant bond made that’s almost spiritual in nature in that its your subconscious minds in unison with the Infinite that has brought you together. I’ve always noticed this through life especially (more…)


This shit is CRAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAZY. What in the blue HELL happened to face to face interaction??? Now I know this is going to make me seem like a bitter old man or something but I’m 27 writing this after realizing this myself. Plus what threw me into writing this was a friend of mine coming back from Chicago after attending a seminar on social media. She actually sort of works for me so I had to pay attention to what she was saying as far as how the world has shrunk, blah blah blah, we’re in a new age of branding, GREAT! I’ve somewhat tried to pay attention to social media trends but not really . . . meanwhile practicing the same face to face, “press the flesh”, shake of a hand business I’ve been doing this whole time. Even though it was on my to-do list to integrate the social media accounts I DID have (like two and I never used them) I never considered the power of online networking.

I’m an entrepreneur at heart so just like any other I have to adapt to trends to survive, that’s evolution, but I sort of went kicking and screaming the whole way. Seems like damn near every website now you can join, set up a profile, upload photos, videos, etc. just like MySpace and the like. A lot of positive things can be said about this new wave of social networking online but there are also some downsides.  (more…)

Let me start off saying my taste in music is WIDELY diverse . . . and almost everytime I sit down to draw I listen to music. Whatever mood I’m in I try to enhance. Here are a few of my go to tracks courtesy of youtube.   This is one I recently picked up on. I’ve never seen this movie but the theme is from Steve Jablonsky, one of my favorite composers these days, straight out of Hans Zimmers camp. You can tell by his style. Anyways it’s got a triumphant kind of (more…)

The Fountainhead (Centennial Edition Hardcover)“>                                                                                                                                                                             

I decided to start a series of reviews on the books I’ve read over the years that have contributed to my thinking and even enhanced it. I think more people should list the books that have been the most influential in their lives as a way to share some of their knowledge and interests.Knowing what books people have invested their time in reading can tell you a lot about a person. Plus I would have never known about some of the masterpieces I’ve read had not somebody shared their latest recommendation with me. Now this series of blogs is in no particular order as it pertains to the importance or influence each has had. I’m just reviewing them as I think of them. So with that said . . . the first book I’m going to discuss is . . . “The Fountainhead” by Ayn Rand. I read this book back in 2007 and the only way I can describe reading it is that it was more than just reading a book for me, it was an event in my life. “The Fountainhead” was a 1943 bestseller, written by Russian philosopher/author Ayn Rand. 

It’s the story of a young architect named Howard Roark who refused to compromise the integrity of his work against a society that promotes mediocrity and seeks to extinguish heros and the all important . . . ego. Roark, by the exhibition of his character, is his own hero. The book is in fictional form but written to convey deep philosophical meaning behind all characters and events. Rand was an avid objectivist, defying the establishment and damning collectivism . . . basically she was anti-committee. She believed in the power of the individual and achievement. She surfaced her beliefs through Roark’s character as she shapes him to be the portrait of what man (creative man) should be. Roark’s sole purpose on earth is creating and he is in touch with that. (more…)


A lot of artists I’ve come in contact with over the years have asked me a lot about my journey from 9 to 5’ing it to being a full-time artist. So after the advice I’ve given I finally decided to sit down and blog about it so that all can see and bypass a lot of hurdles along the way. Nobody loves free information more than me so I might as well do my part in contributing. I’m going to try to cover as broad a range of art/photography as possible without sacrificing too much career-specific detail. Also a lot of you may already be generating revenue with your art but there may be tips in these blogs that can help you out in reaching the next level. While no two careers in the art industry are identical I’m going to try to help you organize the chaos that is the professional art world so you can build your own prototype in your head before execution. 

Now there are two ways to pursue a career in art, freelancing or being on staff. I’m going to hit them both but mostly freelancing in these blogs due to the way this field is changing. Companies are turning to freelancing more often to diversify their talent pool. Most artists I talk to don’t like a 9 to 5 or a boss anyways and I can relate. Back in the early 2000’s when Disney traditional animation was just coming out of its golden age they had expressed interest in me and offered me a scholarship. I graciously declined. People called me crazy but I just couldn’t see myself, an untamed artist, being just being another cog in the Disney machine. Plus I knew I wanted to be my own boss if I was to undertake a career in art. (more…)