Let me start off saying my taste in music is WIDELY diverse . . . and almost everytime I sit down to draw I listen to music. Whatever mood I’m in I try to enhance. Here are a few of my go to tracks courtesy of youtube.   This is one I recently picked up on. I’ve never seen this movie but the theme is from Steve Jablonsky, one of my favorite composers these days, straight out of Hans Zimmers camp. You can tell by his style. Anyways it’s got a triumphant kind of flow which shows in my sketches. Plus I like musical compositions that build up to a crescendo the same way life does. This next song is one of my favorites to draw to and as a matter of fact I painted “Music In The City” to this song. It’s about self reflection and what matters and the music is great. The Killers is one of my favorite bands period. This next piece is by my favorite composer Hans Zimmer from the movie “The Last Samurai”. It enhances my mood when I’m trying to tap into something deep. When I draw or paint to it I usually feel a sort of deep connection with the soul of the universe or something, like tapping into collective consciousness. This piece is strong on strings and is done in such emotional, cinematic fashion that I couldn’t help think the first time I heard it that I HAVE to draw to this. Well these are just three of the pieces of music I draw inspiration from. I’ll be including more in this series so that other artists can relate and comment on what they draw to or what music inspires them.


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