Isn’t it strange that when you really feel a bond with somebody . . . and I mean a REALLY strong bond, you can almost detect when you’re going to get contacted that person? The answer is no it isn’t strange . . . not at all. And when I say “missing” someone you can be missing them for ANY period of time, a day, a month, years, or even an hour. Sometimes you may miss somebody more intensely after an hour that somebody else you miss for a year and vice versa. I think the potency of missing somebody lies in the impact they’ve made on your subconscious mind and how bad you wanted a person like that in your life before you met them. For instance, I’m a strong believer in the law of attraction . . . well actually not a believer, more of a realizer because it acts independent of your belief in it or not. When you think of what kind of person you want or need in your life and feel it already the universe rearranges itself like a puzzle to bring that person to you.

The flip side is that person has obviously brought you into their life just the same way. So when you and that person meet there is an instant bond made that’s almost spiritual in nature in that its your subconscious minds in unison with the Infinite that has brought you together. I’ve always noticed this through life especially in my relationships. After being with different people you start piecing and putting together traits you want in a person from the people you’ve dealt with in your past. You’re kind of like Dr. Frankenstein piecing the person you want most in your life. That’s where you get terms like “love at first sight” from and all the other clichés. It’s almost magic how this works. I’ve been in relationships so intense and wanted that kind of person before even meeting them that when we did have a relationship we could actually feel when we were missing each other. I know I’m not the only person out there that’s felt that.

Have you ever missed somebody then talked to them and the told you the exact times they were thinking of you and it was the same time you were thinking of and missing them? That’s the phenomenon of it. It’s your subconscious minds telling you that right then you need the element that person brings to your life and when you don’t have it something isn’t right. It doesn’t feel natural. There is an invisible force that connects your mind, primarily the subconscious, to the universe and creates the bond that makes you feel emotional attachments. Emotion is the language the universe understands . . . that’s why when you miss somebody the two of you both feel it a lot of times with the same intensity, at the same times.

This even comes into play when you first meet somebody and you feel a strong connection with them . . . like you’ve already been missing them before you met them . . . like you needed to know them and not knowing them wouldn’t be right. Or it surfaces as a strong attraction because you’ve been expecting this person. This also explains what people define as “heartbreak”. For whatever reason the person you’ve brought into your life with this mind power is now absent and you’re left with your subconscious expressing its need for that person by the sick feeling you get, etc. The people who deny this the most are the loneliest and secretly unhappy but for the sake of pride never let on about it. I was one of those people, especially being a man from the environment I’m from where emotions (the language of the universe) was always downplayed.

But even the people who pretend not to miss somebody are just lying to themselves and denying one of the most powerful and natural forces their mind possesses.  I invite you to pay attention to this force and see how it works. It’s amazing once you take notice of it because you can then master how you bring people into your life. A lot of people are lonely because they don’t really generalize what kind of person they want in their life . . . so they just drift. When you do bring the person you want into your life, treat them as though you’ve been expecting them because they sure have been expecting you.

  1. bre says:

    wow thats soooo true! get writing it really captured every way i feel.

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