This is my newest piece I titled “Return To Innocence” . . . I’ve had this piece in my head for about 2 years but haven’t painted it until now and as I’ve realized there was a reason for the timing. I can’t tell you how many rough sketches I have of this concept in those two years. I guess I was saving it for when I felt compelled to paint it. First let me tell you what this piece stands for, the themes involved, how it relates to me and my life, and why I decided to go with a Mayan warrior. This piece represents a man’s struggle to find himself, his spirituality, his innocence even after he’s been through the jungle of life with his hands still soaked in blood. A man . . . a real man goes through a lot of changes in journey to find his higher self. Beyond the ego, beyond the warrior spirit he may develop during his path, a man must return to his innocent state in order to grow. It’s a complete circle. When a child is born he is naturally innocent, naive, trusting. Throughout his upbringing he may go through hardships, a lot of times self-induced, but nonetheless necessary.

           It’s like in “The Alchemist” when the young shepherd leaves the tree under which he was dreaming of his treasure and travels the world to find it, only to learn valuable lessons along the way and later discovering his treasure was right under the tree he was sleeping under to begin with. The Mayan warrior was a man of no fear in surroundings where he could easily meet his fate. Kill or be killed was his everyday life. Ever present threats hardened his heart and mind but no matter what he had to do to stay alive he would still always come back to his spirituality and connection with the Infinite All. That’s what this piece is about and I’ve come to do it now because I feel in many ways I’m the Mayan warrior I painted. The Mayan warrior that’s gone through the rainforest filled with danger, life and death, tests of courage and the odds, and has made it through his tests as a warrior to come back to what he knows is right and true. When a man comes back to his spirituality and innocence he is justified. He redeems himself to his higher self by acknowledging that past all the heroics he’s had to perform to get back remains his beliefs and innocence. I believe I’ve come full circle. 

          I’m about to be 28 and what I’ve discovered through everything I’ve been through in life, career, love, conflict, is that I’ve come back to my innocent state where no outside forces can break through. Call it an awakening, call it a return to innocence, call it what you will but all of a sudden I have such powerful faith in the world and not just my spirit but the spirit of all. Knowing this, I’ve even given the warrior in this piece some of my own facial features. (yes even the long nose, keep your jokes to a minimum!) The reason I chose the Mayan warrior is because even as violent and brave as he was he was still in the collective spirit . . . and when it came time for Mayans to transcend to that higher plane of existence he was still there amongst the righteous ones because after all his trials in war he still . . . returned to his innocence.

  1. Nick Navatta says:

    Man…you don’t know how many people, especially men, are hungry for this sort of thing! This piece is BADASS. There is so much to it, yet it’s simple. I don’t know if you intentionally put together the piece the way you did, but I see so much killer design in this! For one, you’ve got that pyramid, and then you have the repeating triangle shape all through the leaves, and in the lines of the leaves radiating out from the pyramid….The shape of the eagle head mirrors the shape under the warrior’s chin and the beek mirrors the warriors nose-fits nicely!…and I like the fingers…they mirror the fingers of the leaves…man, you made a powerful image! Don’t even know if you meant to do all that, but just wanted to let you know I noticed it….

    And you know what…I’m at the same place too. Actually, I created a piece of art(thought map really…) that deals with this line of thought about getting back to innocence(check out for it…i’ll post it this week)…it is an awakening…and people who are ‘in tune’ are waking up to the external b.s. and the internal lies and getting back in touch with the real….looking forward to seeing where this energy goes.

    • Gabriel Anton says:

      I appreciate everything you said Nick and I definitely knew you would get what I was saying in this piece. A lot of the imagery was intentional even down to the mechanics but I’ve had this concept in mind for a few years but never felt right about doing it until I decided to do it. I’m glad you relate to it man!

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