I’ve been doing a lot of reading on the subjects of our subconscious mind and the role it’s playing particularly in this day and age. These times were continually referenced by the ancients from all the civilizations we hold in regards and that were “technologically advanced”. And what does that even mean? We refer to the ancient Egyptians, Mayans, Asian cultures as “technologically advanced”. Those fuckers didn’t have laptop, touchscreen phones, or ANY of the shit we have (refering to OUTside the mind technology) so what the hell are we talking about then and why do experts refer to them as such? Could it be the same tasks we invent all kinds of shit to do are the same tasks they were carrying out with nothing other than their minds.

        Think about it, they had such vast knowledge of the solar systems, perception of time, life, energy, the mind, science and they didn’t have telescopes or ANY of the fancy shit we have. And let’s not forget the Mayans disappeared with no remains left behind, not even a formal goodbye. So what happened? How did all the ancients know the shit our science is just STARTING to find out recently. Why are we inventing all these new technologies to find out the stuff they knew thousands of years ago? Could it be we’re inventing new technology because we’re trying to remind ourselves of who we are and what we’re capable of? And in a day and age where we’re led to believe the answers are “out there” are we inventing things in the great “out there” as an attempt to deal with being lied to?

        Think about it for a second. There are thousands of medicineless hospitals all across the globe with WAY higher success rates of recovery than these hospitals they have set up where you pay million bucks to have somebody do all this external shit that your mind can do WAY easier. They’re making us pay for believing THEIR lies in essence. If you don’t believe me research the medicineless hospitals of the world. I’m not making this up or sensationalizing for the sake of argument. They’re creating technology and or funding it to keep the lie alive that this is shit you can’t do yourself.

        From calculators to jets to telescopes, they all do shit we were made to do anyways by power of our subconscious mind. There’s so much information that doesn’t make it to mainstream news having to do with the marvels we accomplish without the aid of laboratories its astounding. The powers that be don’t want you knowing what power YOU . . . yes YOU reading this blog have. Let’s all come to a realization we’ve all had those moments in life where we say “there’s got to be more than this, something isn’t right, there’s more than what I’m seeing”. That’s your subconscious mind trying to remind you who you really are. And I’m not talking about your name, your social security number, or anything related to titles or what you’ve been TOLD you are.

         I mean who you are as a droplet in the great ocean of consciousness . . . you are a droplet but nonetheless you are the ocean. The ancients in their writings understood a few basic things, which is why they documented what they discovered (reminded themselves of) in detail. One of those basic things being that energy, consciousness doesn’t just disappear. It goes somewhere, so in essence they knew they lived forever. Modern technology tells you that we’re bound by the laws of physics, if that’s the case then how have so many of the ancients been able to tell the future? They found a hole in the time-space continuum. That’s virtually impossible by the spokespeople of today concerning physics.

        The Mayans wrote in detail what they were experiencing and the information they were uncovering because they knew the energy-life force that was them would recycle . . . THEY WERE WRITING NOTES TO THEMSELVES IN THE FUTURE . . . sounds like some movie type shit doesn’t it? Why the hell would they write all that knowing they would just disappear off the face off the planet bypassing death anyways? It’s kind of like when you go through a train station and read “Joe was here”. And now that we’re in the crucial age refered to by the ancients we’re inventing all kinds of stuff to do what we have the power to do because we’re trying to deal with the lies we’ve been feeding ourselves that the answers come from somewhere other than our own minds.

        The people that envoke the power they know they have are heavily leaned on by the weak minded of today. The people that believe the bull shit. Many of the ancients had certain sects within their civilization that took vows of silence for life and did nothing but write down what they discovered by meditating, praying, or what have you. The same things they wrote down are the same things THOUSANDS of years later we’re having to invent outside instruments to gage and find out. AND they predicted we’d have to do that because of the lies. We are in an age where the lies are starting to be confronted, where science and “spirituality” are meeting, where the answers that were just out of reach due to the mind prisons we’ve allowed ourselves to be in are now being discovered. I may refer to science in the uncovering of these truths but please understand that science is also another left-brain prison as it DOESN’T give answers for a lot of life’s phenomenon . . . especially when it comes to the human mind.

           Usually when scientists have tried to go beyond the conventional methods of finding these answers their funding is cut off, they are the object of great ridicule, and or the government just shuts them up and gets rid of them. Most of the most useful books pertaining to who we really are aren’t on the NewYorkTimes Bestseller list. But doctors specializing in looking for answers in the great “out there” are always regarded as the pioneers and receive the most praise. Not in ALL cases but in the overwhelming most. That is no coincidence. If we find out who we really are, the fear-based power system that’s in place will crumble rapidly. When I tell people this they may say “So Gabe, if we all just became enlightened all of a sudden and cast off the shackles of fear and imposed tyranny THEN what? Where are the answers THEN?” And to that person I say they’ve already answered their own question. Once you free yourself you will HAVE all the answers. You ARE the fucking answer!

           How does your heart beat by itself? How do the pieces of meat scattered throughout your body just magically know what to do and when? SAME thing. YOU know, and if you don’t know now you will know once you’re freed from thinking the answer is “out there”. The first step is realizing that you have the same life force in you the ancients had. You’re not new around here. You just THINK you are because they tell you a name, social security number, age, and you don’t argue with that. Deep down you do somewhat but you immediately suppress it chalking it up to just crazy thoughts. Meanwhile you go see doctors for sleeping pills to put you mind on a shelf before you go to sleep when YOU’RE SUPPOSED TO THINK BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP. Stop being irresponsible about who you are. You’re life force wasn’t irresponsible about telling you what’s up thousands of years ago so pay the fuck attention . . . alright folks I’ll leave it at that for now because I know it’s getting kind of long. Stay tuned.


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