Simply put . . . everything. What I’m about to tell you is something the powers that be don’t want you to know. I’m not new to this subject as I’ve been studying the mind and everything having to do with the subject for years. Even experimenting with this in my own life has enabled me to realize that what I’m saying is true. Matter of fact it’s true regardless of your belief in it. By now we’ve all heard of the “Law Of Attraction” and all the self-help shit that’s out there but what I’m talking about goes beyond that. A lot of what’s being sold to help the common person feel empowered again is only partially the deal. This is exact science and beyond. It even crosses over where science stops. Look at all the greatest thinkers, leaders, scientists, philosophers, authors of all time.

            Look at Einstein, Hegel, Emerson, Jesus, Edison, Buddha . . . look at the quotes and writings of theirs that have lasted. All of them have to do with the absolute power we have over everything we observe. They all taught that the great “out there” that exists beyond the human mind is actually holographic in nature. Science has shown through quantum mechanics that everything we see is nothing more than energy sustaining a vibrational tone that our minds perceive as real. The shit we see in movies having to with the mind is actually the REAL shit. The fake shit you see is on the news and all the negative stuff they want you to think can happen to YOU at any time, which only happens if you pay attention to it and believe in it. Whatever you believe in happens. Keypoint here: stuff doesn’t happen so you have to believe in it . . . it’s actually the opposite, BECAUSE you believe something it HAS to happen. Sounds crazy I know but it’s true.

           It’s the state of BEING whatever you want to bring about the experiences you want that makes you powerful. There are no external conditions to make shit happen as you’ve been led to believe. Society wants you to think that all the answers are OUTSIDE of your own mind which is complete and utter bullshit. Your subconscious mind is your DIRECT link to the Infinite All, God, whatever you call Him or It. Think about this, the fact that your heartbeats by itself is a miracle. If you cut it out and put it on a table it isn’t going to be anything other than a piece of meat. But in YOUR body it keeps the blood flowing and has its own magnetic field . . . 5000 times stronger than your brain actually. Your subconscious mind runs all the involuntary systems in your  body with ease, no strain or struggle. You’re not getting your energy to run these systems from any external sources so why would your beliefs about your experience in life come from an external source. It’s backwards thinking.

           “They” want you to believe the answers come from “out there” . . . well folks there IS no “out there” YOU are the only thinking thing you can verify that thinks in your universe. You ever wonder why when you think of something that BETTER not happen to you or BETTER happen to you always happens after you put enough mental effort towards it? That’s because when we were originally designed our dream state (subconscious state) and our waking state were supposed to be the same thing. Think of all the crazy shit you can do in your dreams, you’re SUPPOSED to be able to do all that shit in your waking life but your waking life beliefs stop you. What are your waking life beliefs composed of? OTHER people’s suggestions, suggestions from parents, other people, etc. Think of when you’ve made decisions and you recall a certain time in your life when somebody told you something and it just stood out to you in a way where right then and there it affected your decision altogether. That’s what I’m talking about.

            Most of your fears are not even your own, they’re beliefs suggested to you by other people that you’ve adopted as your own. That’s why people for the most part are clones and are relied on by the powers that be to police each other’s thoughts. That’s the best way to herd sheep, make the sheep brainwash each other into thinking they couldn’t just run off if they wanted to. If one person buys another persons doubts he’s going to by default want to rebel against the doubt but won’t know how so the best way in their mind is to suggest it to somebody else so they won’t feel alone. But at the same time subconscious mind that knows all knows that doubt and fear is non-energy and it’s fighting to get rid of that doubt. But the conscious mind because of being locked into the collective brainwashing that’s imposed by society fights back by passing it on. It’s a disease of the mind. If you have a fear of something by you feeding  it with thought you give it power.

          Fear is still a belief in something, belief you CAN’T do something or you’ll fail which is the same thing. It’s so sad to see people think backwards about their life like just random shit happens. What we saw in the movie “The Matrix” is actually the real story. Maybe not in a computer generated world but this world we think we see, hear, taste, smell, touch is nothing but an energy field. They pepper the real story throughout movies so that when I tell you all this you ultimately associate it with fantasy so you never consider the real life correlations. That’s exactly what they planned.  Remember what Morpheus said “Your mind MAKES it real” Quantum physicists have proved that energy responds to the observer. If the observer sees the energy as something then the energy conforms. Energy does what the observer believes. And if everything is energy and we’re the observers think about what that means for your life. This is the direct connection you have with what’s going on around you.

            This is just the first of many blog entries I’m doing on this subject. I don’t like watching people think their powerless in their lives and that “shit happens” . . . Shit doesn’t just happen. YOU are the one happening. I’m even going to be doing videos where I talk about this subject because sometimes I get so hyped over this that I want to convey my ideas through my tone and body language so look out for that too. Hopefully this got you thinking. More to come.

  1. Miss SLY!™ says:

    I am coming back to finish this entry later on, too deep to fast track.
    Wish more people would talk about it. Looking forward to your next posts, and if you plan on doing videos, how about actual conversations/chats?
    Anyways, I’ll be checking.

    …Shit doesn’t just happen. YOU are the one happening!!! True!

    • Gabriel Anton says:

      Thanks Miss Sly . . . I plan on talking about this subject in greater detail in videos I’ll be uploading on my blog and YouTube channel . . . I feel our generation needs to know this shit and being that their not a reading generation, more like the video/chat generation I have to bring the message to THEM. You have a great blog yourself by the way!

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