People always ask me what inspires me and it’s always “music”. I always draw to music, it’s my way of sort of meditating, concentrating on what I’m doing and blocking out the outside world in the studio for a few hours. Here are a few more entries on my playlist. “Mombasa” from the movie Inception . . . by the legendary Hans Zimmer. The live performance of it draws you in . . . and Johnny Marr (the guitarist) looks a dead ringer for Tony Montana. “Molossus” from Batman Begins also by Hans Zimmer . . .

Cammy’s Theme from Street Fighter with a hip hop drum pattern . . . sometimes I draw my character designs to this.

 “The Ruler’s Back”, a classic from Jay-Z . . . it’s a heroic beat that I draw AND go on my morning runs to once in a while.

The infamous “Africa” from Toto, a heavily sampled song in hip hop and a great composition in it’s own right. The live performance version is charged up which is why I listen to it when I’m drawing. It’s feel good music.

Keep in mind I’m a natural born hip hop baby but this should go to show that it’s ok to like other types of music besides what you’re accustomed to. Music should break cultural barriers. We all work with the same 12 notes no matter what kind of music. Stay tuned for my next installment.


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