In this next installment of making it as an artist I’m going to cover what I did in respects to my direct mail campaign. Direct mail is VERY important in soliciting your services to publishers/magazines etc. Some companies want an inquiry letter first, some want samples on disc, others want tearsheets . . . but most will look at a simple postcard that represents your art and message. Art directors don’t have a lot of time to be going through a million samples anyways so they want to see something that fits their immediate need, at the same time seeing that you’re a professional. Here’s my most successful postcard to date:

    Something straight to the point that represents your style is all that’s needed. Of course you want some text that helps bring your images more meaning but not too much. Be sure to throw in an image of yours that shows some humor. People remember humor, especially art directors. From the books I recommended in my last installment in this series you should be able to build a substantial mailing list.

Also I invite you to check out or your local bookstore and browse the type of publications you can see yourself doing work for and get their contact information. If you love drawing wildlife and the like then I’d look at publications that are about animals and such. Use common sense.

    I mail my postcards to a wide variety of publications due to my style being versatile and it’s worked for me. I don’t necessarily like drawing landscapes so I tend to leave publications off my contact list that require a lot of that type of work. Think like an art director . . . what kind of art director would look at your work and would HAVE to consider your style? Now you COULD just mail every contact you get which may prove successful also if you feel you’re versatile enough. Sometimes art directors see something in your work that you don’t even see.

    If you have the money then by all means mail everybody and see what sticks. I know that doesn’t necessarily sound like smart marketing talk but hey, when you’re just starting out you have to test the water somehow and direct mail isn’t THAT expensive in the grand scheme of things. So with all that said, pick about 4-5 pieces out of your portfolio that you feel best represent your style and artistic voice, come up with some text to add to your information, and design your postcard. If you need any help with this stuff email me at and I’d be happy to give you some pointers. Next installment is going to cover some basic internet marketing and sites I used starting out up to the sites I use now. Stay tuned

  1. Nick Navatta says:

    I love this mailer man! Very charming….and it looks really effective…Appreciate your direct, to the point suggestions too.

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