First off let me just say that this fight isn’t between Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen . . . it’s between Anderson Silva and Dana White. Silva and “Uncle Dana” have been at odds lately and here’s why. Silva feels he’s WAY too good for the middleweight divsion but he’s kicking and screaming about moving up or down in weight class. Plus he’s pissed at Dana for not finding him better talent to make history with. So in that sense Silva is kind of his own worst enemy, he wants better competition but doesn’t want to change weight to find it and feels its Dana’s responsibility.

Anderson Silva

      Then in Dana’s defense he has to deal with probably the best fighter in the world in Silva not performing because he feels insulted by who he is fighting in the prime of his career. Dana’s job is to put together fights that people will be interested in seeing obviously but there are only so many times the fans will tune in to see one good fighter before they’ll actually want to see TWO . . . in the octagon at the same time. So being that Dana White is somewhat of an egomaniac he goes out and gets another HIGHLY underqualified contender in Chael Sonnen . . . average fighter, with an above average mouth. Dana seemed to be more concerned with selling a main event that actually putting a quality one together.

Chael Sonnen

       Chael Sonnen is a salesman and a politician but not a legitimate contender for Silva’s belt. Dana’s putting batteries in Sonnen’s back so people will tuned in to see him get knocked out basically. This is Dana’s way of showing Silva that he’s the boss and he can throw in whatever bum he wants as long as the fight sells. Sonnen will push the fight to back up his talk but that’s probably what’s going to get him knocked out. Which leads me to the actual detailed prediction and breakdown of what I think the fight is going to be. Sonnen’s highlights are harder to find on the internet than Chinese people with blonde hair.

          The only clips I can find of Sonnen are of him cracking jokes or tapping out in another fighter’s highlights (Damien Maia). Sonnen said he was going to “take Silva down” and he has “two plaques on his wall that says he can take Silva down” . . . Look if you think because you’re a wrestler that if you just take Silva down you’re going to get into a hugfest you’re in for a rude awakening buddy. You shoot for them legs and you have to deal with the possiblity of eating those knees. And Silva is all knees and elbows when you try taking him down anyways. And even if you DO get him down Silva moves around pretty well and can submit you his DAMN self. Sonnen is out of his skill class and it’ll show come August 7th. But Dana White has already won being that he proved he can sell a fight by putting a mouth in an octagon with Silva instead of a legitimate fighter. Silva knocks Sonnen out early first round in devastating fashion.


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