First off I want to say I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long folks. A lot of business has come my way and has taken me away from blogging and pushing my lines through social media. But I’ve come full circle and through reading various books on business and how the internet plays a role in business in this day and age I’m proud to say I’m BAAAAAAAAAAACK!

       The direction I’m going to be taking is different though. I’ve contributed a lot through my visual art in the past years but having conversations with friends and family I’ve decided to contribute to the world in the most noble way I possibly can . . . and that is through helping people with the quality of their lives. What does this mean?

       As a lot of you may well know I’ve started a YouTube channel (GDotTV) as a way of showcasing my art and ideas. I’m going to be shooting videos and creating content in the theme of self realization, helping people see who they really are. Empowering people, bringing information to the YouTube generation that doesn’t read. Information that pertains to life, money, love, success, and everything else that matters. I feel we as a generation have been mislead into believing we’re powerless and we are to just deal with what is. I’m going to be connecting the dots between quantum physics, human emotion, society, financial freedom, relationships, and spirituality.

            There are things we all observe and feel but not a lot of us are willing to be honest with ourselves or others due to the ever present threat of other’s opinions. Society has been fashioned to keep people down and separate from each other. I believe I’m here to help us all realize we are all One. We are all connected. Everything is energy.

       My message is going to be one of hope and love. I am a part of a movement in consciousness in this age, a great awakening of who we really are. I’ve felt this since childhood and I can no longer hold it back or only speak this language through my art. I must verbally communicate this with the world. I’ll be using various mediums to spread this message and connect the dots. I talk daily with those I know and love of these same things and they have pointed me in the direction of sharing it with the world. There are many “Self Help” gurus and so called spiritual guides out there and they play their part but I don’t believe there is one person that has connected all these studies together to form the singular message that needs to be conveyed yet.

       So I’ve decided to step up. Now while I may not be a doctor (far from it) I’ve read countless books and have went through the recesses of my own mind and life experiences to formulate and make sense of the great “what is”. And from the conversations I have day to day my “connecting the dots” makes sense and has influenced people to change for the better. I feel the time is now and it starts with me. If I want the world to change I must BECOME the change. And by changing I’m forced spread the knowledge I’ve gained to the masses.

       By nature I force people to be honest with themselves about things most don’t want to face like: Why do some people’s lives seem to bring about the same types of people and circumstances? Why do people never find happiness? Why do some people become successful while others don’t? Why do people hit brick walls in their life when they want a breakthrough so bad? . . .

        Hopefully by my taking up my end of the responsibility of waking people up I’ll impact lives and make the knowledge that has been recorded for thousands of years and that has been written in books for nearly as long to life and help change the world . . . stay tuned.


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