This post is from a male’s perspective so you women out there please don’t feel alienated or that this entry is sexist. It should actually be empowering and enlightening . . . so on to it.

So how is success a woman? Success is a woman from a man’s perspective and here’s why. Man’s journey thoughout life is to be successful. First a man must define success to himself then he must set out to achieve it. It’s a desire . . . much like he desires a woman. When a man sees a woman he wants his instinct is to start thinking of ways to get her. This longing begins with the end in mind. He pictures himself with her and her being his. This is much like success in that we as men picture the end result, of what success looks like and how it feels.

We start to think creatively of ways to approach this woman.

We can’t be too thirsty or she’ll sense insecurity. We can’t overpower her with our words or physical force because her love will not have been earned. Same goes with business. If you act too needy in a deal then your customer will smell desperation on you and chances are they won’t give you a shot. If you hound your prospects they will think you’re too anxious. On the flipside if you say too little or nothing at all, leaving it up to chance, you run the risk of that woman (success) walking right out of your life without knowing enough about you to be interested.

Success/women love to play games, especially hard to get.

Success/the ideal woman may dodge you and pretend you’re nobody to see what you’ll do to whoo her. She wants to see what you’re made of. She may want you just as bad as you want her but she isn’t going to put her cards down that easily. She doesn’t just want anybody. Many men approach her, but she isn’t a slut. She’s VERY picky. And she know’s when you’re bullshitting. Many times with the woman a man desires he only has a short amount of time to pre-close the deal. While the time he’s spent practicing with less desireable women (small successes) may have gotten him ready, he has a very small window when opportunity knocks for the BIG fish. Now a man may have seen the woman he longs for with other men (others achieving success) before him.

She’s done plenty of men wrong that couldn’t keep up with her. 

They haven’t charmed her in a way she wants to be charmed. They couldn’t keep her around for long because they lost confidence in themselves. Some don’t keep up with her changing desires so she leaves one man to be with the next. Man must appreciate his successes in the way he appreciates the time with his ideal woman. Women will judge you based on your previous relationships to see what presses your buttons and how you handle situations to help determine how life is going to be around you. Success is the same way, it sort of looks at your past achievements and wonders if you’re ready for her.

She may put you through hell at first to see if you’re built for her.

With success it may have been how you’ve dealt with the buying public or a changing market. Success much like a woman, wants to know why YOU are worthy. That’s why these life tests are conducted. If you neglect these tests then success magically doesn’t seem to find you. Just like the woman you desire won’t notice you. Success much like a woman sometimes requires bold action to cause a reaction. Since a man’s success is as subject as his ideal woman there are many variables as to dealing with her.

Some bold action will result in an argument at first, like introducing an idea or product that at first is offensive, which is made on purpose to create a reaction. Then you smooth it over and rationalize. You create common ground. Then when you get that first date/first big business deal, every second of interaction is in slow motion. You feel like you’re in heaven on earth. But then the first date is over/first deal done and the feeling becomes fleeting. You must strengthen the ties. You go over the date/deal in your mind and formulate how you’re going to make the second date/deal better. You wonder what she thinks/your customers think.

You want to amaze her with everything you are but not too fast.

You wow her little by little and strengthen your bond until she becomes totally yours. With success you feed on the reactions your public gives you, adjusting along the way until success becomes totally yours. But it’s a journey, just like a relationship. You must appreciate her, but don’t ever let her overwhelm you. Maintain a level head and remember who you were before lady success came around that way if you ever fuck up and she leaves you. You can always win your way back into her heart.

Much has been written on this comparison, most famously was in “Think And Grow Rich” where Napolean Hill suggests to the reader that men’s highest creative faculties come from the desire for sex, or to please a woman. The cars, the houses, the clothes, etc. wouldn’t mean shit if it wasn’t to say “hello ladies, I’m HEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRREEE”. Men go through all kinds of shit for the affection of the woman he chooses. Wars have been fought behind this principle. Success is a statement of being an alpha male so of COURSE success and the opposite sex go hand in hand. Anybody who says it isn’t are lying to themselves. With all that said if you’re a man on the road to success take a look at how you handle the women in your life and I guarantee you’ll see parallels.


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