If you bring forth what is within you, what you bring forth will save you. If you do not bring forth what is within you, what you do not bring forth will destroy you.
– Gospel of Thomas, verse 70.

"Insanity" by Anir Brokenear

That’s one of favorite quotes of all time and one of the most powerful and liberating concepts of all time period. Human expression . . . while the term is vague the subjective meaning is not.

This is especially true of the “artist”. We are all artists to a degree but some are more inclined to expression than others. I believe the best artists are the people that are the most sensative to life and all things understood but rarely spoken. You know, deep rooted emotions that everyone feels but hardly discusses for fear of ridicule. Society breeds mediocrity but the person that expresses themselves past the wall of naysayers and pushes on is eventually redeemed and held in high regard. But the true artist doesn’t seek redemption in the eyes of others but lives to create . . . or “express”. Now take the artist that adheres to the voices in praise of mediocrity.

They hold in their expression knowing that what they “bring forth” people will connect with. Expressing themselves through music, art, media, or whatever will heal those who pay attention to it but they never let it out. This holding in of expression forms a personal hell for the artist. I can attest to this in my own life during periods of years where I didn’t draw, compose music, etc. and those were the most Godless and chaotic periods of my life. Nothing made sense. Or maybe the chaos was always there but my expression would have helped me sort it out but instead I held it in. Expression is an outlet, it is euphoria. It is sublime, sacred, precious, and should be held in the highest regard. And for the artist that brings forth what is within them to no end they’re rise to fame and fortune is no accident. But they realize the fame and fortune is meaningless and that only the connection to other people and their relation to their art is what matters.

Why do you think when you see your favorite artist interviewed they say things along the lines of “when I see people singing every lyric to the song I wrote it gives me a high”?

People often say they’re favorite artists’ best work (of whatever form of art) is that of their earliest years. Because it is in the beginning that the artist seeks to express in the purest form. The pain caused by whatever they’re going through at that period in their life brings forth the best in expression. Which runs parallel with their need to express and for other people to acknowledge their connection . . . which brings meaning to life. It makes life “come alive”. I experience this with my own art and my audience. When people relate to my art and tell me about what it means to them it makes me a better person. It heals, it makes all the wrongs right. It helps me make sense of the world as if I was a toddler again first learning about the world around me.

An artist’s intake of experience should be balanced with their output of expression. There should not be more intake than output nor should there be more output than intake. Imbalance in intake and expression breeds insanity in the individual. There are probably a LOT of skilled artists, sensative to the thoughts and emotions of other people, nature of events, that NEVER express their response to their world. And in this holding back they become bitter because their message never comes out. But it isn’t another’s responsibility to bring this forth. It is your own.

Throw off the chains of voices of the mediocre because 10 times out of 10 those are the artists scared to bring forth what is within them and despise whoever they see doing so. And after you have decided it will be your salvation to write that poem or song, to create that painting, to create that network, to start that business, the naysayers will thank you and beg you not to stop. I know this from personal experience. Express what you are and how you see the world and the world will then express how it sees you . . . it’s very own salvation.


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