A lot of people have been exposed to a piece I did back in 2008 that has stuck with them. Many have been intrigued by it and it’s been featured in 2 major art galleries in Nashville. I’ve sold many prints of this piece and to my buyers I’ve had to explain the meaning and symbolism behind it. People have felt strangely drawn to it and the phenomenon has even eluded my own explanation. I’m going to explain it in this post the symbolism behind the images in this piece as well as why I felt compelled to paint it.

“For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” – Ephesians 6:12

  Ladies and gentlemen we are at war. Let that statement not be cliche’ or metaphor but take it literally. We are at war for our own minds. And if you don’t realize this then you’ve already lost.

The weapons being used against us are doses of false information in the form of SUGGESTION. I choose the word suggestion because that’s all it is. It isn’t fact, it is disinformation suggested to the masses to keep them under control and in a state of unconsciousness.

This battle for your mind started before you were born but really goes all out in the beginning moments of cognisance. Parents tell you what you’ll become based on what they’ve been told THEY would become. Then school and the MIS-education system telling us where we come from. The rules and regulations, the titles and numbers thrust upon us.

We  become sheep led to the slaughterhouse. It sounds morbid and pessimistic and trust me it’s worse than I describe. But on the other side of the spectrum so much more is the power and enlightenment that one reaches from winning that battle for ones own mental freedom.

But now onto the imagery. I painted the human blue to show vitality and the color of blood before it hits oxygen. I painted the human in celestial form, brain showing, elements of the face in a grid, basically as immortal. The mind is divided into to spheres, the left brain being the filter and decoder. It’s responsible for facts, figures, calculations, and numbers. It’s the side of the brain the globalist elite want to trap us in and use for their own capital gains.

The right side of our brains deals directly with imagination, feeling, creation, and even intuition when in conjunction with the left brain. On the left side of the human’s head I depict the pyramid with the all seeing eye which represents the globalist elite who influence and fight for rule of your mind. Combined with the twin snakes intertwining which fades down into a double helix DNA strand.

This element stands for the roots of our TRUE origin and DNA manipulation. This comes directly from the Sumerian texts, some of which are the oldest historical records of how the human race came to be. The writers of the Sumerian tablets watched our creators manipulating our DNA on screens much like we have today and thought the DNA strands were two snakes wrapped around each other (I’m not going to go in depth on that, you have to research for yourself ).

The solar system with the sun directly over the human head represents our place in our part of the cosmos and our divinity. While the sun is not God by anymeans it is an important celestial body with which we have a direct connection. We measure what we perceive as “linear time” courtesy of the sun. Sunrises, sunsets, which helps us calculate hours in a day etc. It is directly about us and serves as the center of our solar system. We as a race, and on an individual level are the center of our own universes.

Not in a selfish way but in a realistic way, when you open your eyes, think, feel, you are experiencing your light from one side of the prizm . . . but it is no less EXPERIENCE. Your experience of life is the center. I also drew the planet in blue rocketing into our solar system. This represents the planet that flew into our solar system many years ago that was also depicted in Sumerian records but vanished later. There are many accounts of this planet bringing our true origin. Once again that must be researched by the reader because I will not go in depth on that in this post.

Next on the right side of the brain is a book, through the middle of which is a sword with blood dripping from the edge. This stands for our combating this threat for our minds through knowledge and in some cases through bloodshed. The sword placed in the middle of the book suggests the importance of effective combat and true knowledge in this war.

Blood dripping from the sword implies that sometimes blood is shed in this battle for our minds. The mind is your most precious asset. Through it you navigate life. They want it, and you can’t afford to lose it. This is my commentary of this war. It’s my artistic way of record keeping of the times.

  1. Tori says:

    I’m doing a project for my focus program where we need to include art. Would you mind if I use your art ‘Battle For The Mind’ to help explain my directorial views on a certain play?

    If you could, E-mail me with your response. tori_hurst@hotmail.com


  2. http://andcarinsurancequotes.com says:

    I have been checking out many of your articles and i must say clever stuff. I will surely bookmark your site.

  3. Natalia Q says:

    i love your piece! i am making an art project about symbolism and i am definitely going to use this

  4. This is awesome, I would like to use your art as well. The battle of the mind is a teaching I do from the biblical prospective. Thank you

  5. Roisin Hilley says:

    Hi, I’m doing an analysis for my art class and I was wondering what paint you used for this?

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