A man climbs the ladder of success all within the confines of his false ego until he realizes . . . it wasn’t he that succeeded, it was the self collectively created by everyone else . . . which is not success at all. Have you ever noticed that some of the greatest true successes come by way of great suffering first? There is a reason for this.  The Infinite All is our true origin . . . the ego is the false self which seeks to hold on to limiting beliefs of what you are and what you can do. Names, titles, i.d. numbers, occupations . . . all of these are associated with the false ego. They were given to you by society but they are not you.

They represent you in some book keeping system or database but they are not you. YOU are the being you are when you are silent . . . eyes closed . . . no mental noise, no thought, no feeling . . . just experience. That’s a FAR cry from the everyday hustle and bustle of events and people that you come in contact with everyday but it’s true. The ego gains momentum throughout life by being fed more and more abstract beliefs, from others and yourself. And even though the ego seeks to put the Infinite All-part of you in a box somewhere with it’s handed down beliefs it can never fully defeat your Infinite Allness.

I explain it as your true nature which is Infinite All is like a flame that can never go out. It is there, burning, living, swaying back and forth with the wind but never blowing out. Our ego by it’s own design wants to blow that flame out. It fights to blow it out and allows others to help try to blow it out. Suffering comes when we try to blow this flame out . . . because it’s impossible. Throughout life our True Self wants to remind Itself of who it really is . . . oneness. The ego suggests separation. “I’m me and you’re you”. When we know by science now that separation is illusion. The flame can’t be blown out.

Achieving true happiness in life is the breaking down of the ego by Infinite All and allowing experience to happen. If we want something bad enough but we have egos that defend that it can’t be done there will be a struggle to make it happen because of the rewiring we have to do . . . or the reminding of ourselves that we are Infinite All. We are fluidity, ego is solid. Water will go through, under, over, or around a wall. A block of ice will hit the wall until it melts. Same principle with life and ego. We must melt before crossing barriers. The sooner we remind ourselves that we aren’t John and Jane Doe, social security number xxx-xx-xxxx but that we are Infinite Intelligence, All That Was, All That Is, And All That Ever Will Be the sooner we will be able to  make the world a better place.


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