A New Direction – Exposing The Lies

Posted: September 27, 2011 in Uncategorized

Due to the increasing number of people I’ve come in contact with demanding I go public with the knowledge I’ve aquired through years of reading and research I’ve decided to change the direction of my blog/social media. From before the year 2000 up to now I’ve been studying how the world works and who it’s REALLY run by in secret, only discussing my research with

close friends and family. I’ve read countless books, watched numerous lectures, learning, meditating, coming across new information.

I didn’t realize that slowly but surely I was unknowingly getting myself ready for this. Not just with reading but also with life experiences and the decisions I’ve made. What I’ve gone through, where I’m from, and how I was raised have prepared me for going public. In short I’m going to be exposing the powers that be (illuminati, Rothschilds, global banking institutions, corrupt military affairs, etc.)

I’m redoing my bio so people can see what I’ve done that’s led me to this point and how I’ve gained this knowledge. What I’ve researched in the shadows and have held in for so long has to come to light in this hour. There are a lot of conspiracy researchers out there but hardly any cover the PEOPLE’S role in all this and how science and spirituality are meeting at a point now.

The ruling elite should be put on blast but it’s just as important if not more important that we finally see who we really are and why they are so scared of us. We are the class of barbarians they’ve tried to enslave but there are a few of us who aren’t going for the bull shit any longer. Government is not for the people and never has been. They fuck us up with chemicals in food and drink, send us off to fight unjust wars, and fill our heads with propaganda to the point of confusion and disdain for our fellow man. I’ve had enough.

It’s time somebody stood up and show them what they’ve created. And when it all goes down they can only blame themselves for forcing my hand. The way to battle false information is with truth. So that’s what I intend to do. I’ll still be discussing art as it fits with the theme of my research. We artists are the record keepers and messengers of our day. And with that said I plan to do just that. Record these days and times as well as bring a message. A message to the people that it’s time to find the key in our minds that’ll unlock the shackles of bondage and free us. Subscribe to GDot TV


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