For over 10 years I’ve been researching on a wide variety of different studies. Quantum physics, consciousness, conspiracy, secret societies, biology, government, politics, religions, ancient civilizations, hard sciences, etc. in search of truth. I’ve always asked the questions people avoid or don’t consciously think of at all. Who are we? Why are we here? What are we doing? Why do people suffer? Who really runs shit? In the day to day dealings people have hardly anybody asks these questions. Why the hell not? I believe it’s fear. I’ve always been a confrontational person when I smell bull shit so fear is something I don’t subscribe to.

I have a hard time buying what’s sold to me by mainstream media and other forms of manipulation because when you exercise CRITICAL THINKING then none of the stories we’re told make sense. And instead of sweeping it under the metaphoric rug in the back of our minds I confront it. What I refuse to accept are people in society either shutting up about tyranny out of fear or people just not knowing any better. I have a habit of FORCING people to be honest with themselves.

I believe it starts on the level of self deception because as the adage goes, the easiest person to fool is yourself. Just because something makes you feel uneasy doesn’t make it less true. We’ve become so comfortable that we’ve let our freedoms as natural people of the earth be taken away from us, and not even taken away, we’ve handed them over in return for FALSE liberty.

Fuck that.

It’s time to wake up and wage war for our own minds. The easiest way to kill somebody is while they’re asleep and the powers that be, international bankers, Wall Street, CFR, and the like, have us asleep as we speak. More and more are realizing what’s happening though and I’m going to do my part to awaken the people of America, and the people of this world across the globe. I’ve read countless books on many different subjects, over 10 years of quiet research, documenting and taking mental note of the truths I’ve discovered by piecing together the puzzle. And since my generation doesn’t read I’m bringing this information to THEM and to YOU. I’ll see you on the other side my friend.


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