This is something I’ve wrestled with for the 10 years I’ve been studying world manipulation and all subjects connected. I’ve watched lectures and read books on both sides of the argument on how to disband this globalization of power. On the one hand we have the folks that say “let’s just not go to work, let’s not show up, let’s not go to war, let’s not cooperate with their system”. And I can respect that and I believe it’s one possiblity out of many. I honestly HOPE this can be done but let’s look at what would have to happen to bring this about. We’d have to have all military and police just “wake up” all of a sudden and give up all power, putting down their arms. Which means the officers and the people that send them into the field would have to stop giving commands, the system would have to crumble from the bottom up.

And as we know looking at a pyramid if you wanted to take the bottom out that would be the equivalent of chipping away at it until it topples. But that’s unlikely. Let’s face it folks as much as we want to believe protesting and boycotting does something more often than naught it doesn’t do jack shit. Now you’re reading a blog by somebody that WANTS peace, harmony, justice for all, and us to return to Infinite Consciousness. Heaven knows that’s why I’ve taken on studying everything I have. And I believe we will. The route we take is what’s up in the air. And as I walk the streets among sheep and drones, clones of each other, all babbling the same shit they hear and repeat, not thinking for themselves, I wonder if non-cooperation with the powers that be is feasible.

People are too materialistic and comfortable with slavery that I almost think it’s going to take disaster to wake them up. The globalist elite know this, they know fear motivates people to move faster than anything else unfortunately. Which is part of the brainwashing. If you want sheep to move in a certain direction you scare them, you don’t pull grass from another field, put it in their face and say “hey sheep, if you move I promise you there’s more where this came from”. So they stage events like 9/11 to move the sheep in the desired direction. So here’s my thing, I WANT our return to the Infinite All to be by way of non-cooperation with the machine. But on the other side of this situation is that due to disaster and or some state of martial law I don’t think non-cooperation is going to be the medicine. Because even with non-cooperation there is still going to be brainwashing within the ranks which means somebody’s going to get hurt. And nobody wants it to be them.

So naturally people will defend themselves regardless of age, race, size, mobility, some folks won’t go. We live in a dual-sided universe. Suffering creates bliss, adversity creates character, hardship bring harmony. When you grow you naturally feel pain, expansion requires unease. That’s just how it works. While love is the only truth there has to be balance, even to the sequential events evolving us as a species. I’m a very optimistic person but I believe fear is going to be a gateway back to love because of the conditioning we’ve undergone as a whole. I pray I’m wrong but I don’t think I am. I mean look how far it’s gotten, illegal tax, war, famine, the destruction of earth and rainforests, and all that comes with global tyranny. While there is more beauty and love in the world we can’t act like these things aren’t happening.

Death causes us to appreciate life and until we just move into a state of consciousness where we appreciate life on it’s own we’re going to experience the ego pushing back on our true selves. I believe that unfortunately we’re going to have to through what the Bible defines as the “great tribulation” before we come around and wake the fuck up. But I’m doing everything in my power to prove myself wrong before it’s too late. That’s why I’m trying to pull as many people out of their hypnotic slumber state by whatever means I have available. It’s my way of forgiving humanity and ultimately myself for the buying the illusion of separation from everything and everybody. We can choose noncooperation now while the microchip isn’t being administered yet on a global basis or choose militancy when they make the chip mandatory. Whatever we choose we need to think, feel, and act with intent NOW! What will it take?


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