We honor our brave men and women in uniform because they go into the military wanting to defend freedom of country and protect the our lifestyle. That in itself is admirable and should be recognized. But stepping back from their noble motives and looking at who sends them into battle and why
we should quickly become disgusted. I’m not going to get deep into the overwhelming, factual evidence that points to the powerful globalist elite funding both sides of wars and profiting from them, that’s up to YOU to research that objectively. But that’s precisely what’s been going on, especially in modern history shaping wars that have been fought.

Conflicts are manufactured for purposes such as creating a false morale among the masses to gain complicity. Not to mention the profits being gained when they hire the poor to kill more of the poor, weapons sales (for the poor to use to kill each other), depopulation (which is one of the points in their agenda anyways). It’s senseless. And when a war has been fought and enough of the lower class has killed each other then they sit down to the table and make “peace”. This is the equivalent of two grade school boys duking it out over the last chocolate milk then bloody and battered, deciding one can have it today, the other tomorrow. But on a massive, devastating scale.

People get caught up in bravery, honor, and courage of our military that they shut off their minds to the cowardice, deceit, and immorality of the sons of bitches that send them into the fray. Why don’t we question THAT? The people that have NO regard for human life or sending young men and women to die for them have NEVER been close enough to actual conflict to respect that kind of sacrifice. I believe in a society where a man shouldn’t ask another to do something they wouldn’t do themselves. I don’t give a damn HOW old you are. Matter of fact the older you are the MORE you should respect the life of the youth because they’re the ones that are going to have to fix the problems you leave behind.

It infuriates me to watch these criminals in office smile and play golf while there are men, women, and children overseas dying in hails of gunfire and for what? I myself am a former United States Marine. I myself was an infantryman and also a Security Forces Marine. We trained to be disciplined and to follow orders without question, but we were also taught to think on our feet and consider all possibilities to survive in dire situations. Well my ability to think for myself overcame my following orders blindly and I saw the system that gave a damn about me to the American public, but in the roundtables of evil men, didn’t care about me or my family. As the “truther” saying goes “I’m pro-military, we’ll need them to overthrow the government”. Until the next time. Signing out.

Gabriel Anton


  1. We have entered an era of perpetual war, fought for oil and profit. Democracy is a dead letter; the actors who purport to lead the government all work for the same masters. Human life is meaningless except as a campaign pitch. Personal freedom is an illusion. Regardless of what military service may have meant in the past, enlistment these days is a con job. Who wants to die for Halliburton or Blackwater?

    • Gabriel Anton says:

      I agree with you. It’s all a scam. I’ve witnessed first hand how the public is manipulated by feeling patriotic about our military might. At the same time the ruling elite use human lives as pawns to push centralization of power. It’s thoroughly sickening how far off track we’ve gotten.

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