For the last 10 plus years that I’ve been researching the truth and what exactly is happening around us I’ve felt my faith in the American people slipping away. It’s a shame I’ve listened to more JFK speeches than most of the generation FROM the JFK era. Combine that with most of the American public believing everything mainstream media tells them (Fox News, CNN, CSNBC, etc.) To me the people of American just haven’t paid much attention to things that are being set in place to affect they’re way of life in the very near future.

We’ve become so lazy and stupid that we think a beer and sunday’s football game is the answer to any angst we pick up during the week. Complete BULL SHIT. I know, as much as any other awake mind in America, how the average citizen thinks about what’s told to them because we have to interact with these hypnotized folks every damned day. The more I talk to them the less I have to contribute to their meaningless conversations and find myself bringing up what matters. The problem is people are so plugged in to the matrix that when you try to yank the cord from their heads most of the time it’s frustrating. People don’t want to hear about anything that threatens their immediate way of life. But the thing is THEIR WAY OF LIFE IS IN GRAVE DANGER ALREADY. That’s not being pessimistic, that’s being realistic.

Just because you haven’t been thrown into a FEMA camp YET (which believe you me they ARE being built and have been at an alarming pace) doesn’t mean your tomorrow is all hugs and hallmark cards. I’ve seen what they’re doing first hand and I can tell you the system that people have used as a safety blanket their whole lives is about to be ripped right off. Now keep in mind NOBODY wants this tyranny we’re facing. This isn’t some fantastic, bravado based, good vs evil-act we’re trying to live out here. This is ACTUAL real live tyranny.

I’m in Tennessee and I can TELL you that they’ve JUST recently set up TSA checkpoints to inspect whoever, whenever, for WHAtever when they want. And of course it’s maintained and run by the lower level, power tripping, pieces of shit that believe they’re a part of something. Totally brainwashed. The government is about to cash in on the revamp of The Constitution, stating they have the right to detain American citizens INDEFINITELY. NO trial, NO convictions, guilty until proven innocent. In the movie “Minority Report” Tom Cruise worked in the department of “Pre-Crime” which was a division who’s job it was to apprehend individuals on the basis of crimes they were convinced they WOULD commit in the future. THAT is the epitome of tyranny. “Preventive Anti-‘Terrorism” is a mask for American enslavement. It’s a system meant to separate the ones who comply with slavery and those who don’t. WAKE UP people. What is it time to do? It’s time to:

  • STOP watching CNN, Fox News, CSNBC, and other corporate media press platforms
  • STOP watching reality tv and meaningless bull shit that does nothing but dumb us down
  • STOP watching tv period
  • DO your research on the REAL events of 9/11, war in Libya, JFK’s last speeches before eating a bullet, HAARP, and related topics
  • READ YOUR Constitution, how can you call yourself American when you don’t even know that it means to be “American”?
  • Get in touch with your intuition and wake up to your sense of what is right and wrong
  • Look at what we already pay in taxes and see that it’s a huge scam and an illegal racket
  • Google footage on FEMA camps they’re building to stock American citizens in the coming event of mass unrest due to economic colapse
  • PRAY

These are a few things you can do just to get started. Believe me there are MANY people waking up and seeing the nature of the beast for what it really is. These politicians are NOBODIES and mean NOTHING. They’re just guys and gals skilled in the gift of gab and reading from teleprompters to sell you a version of reality that is completely the opposite of what actually is. The government and ruling elite has done it’s homework on you so it’s time we as Americans do our homework on IT. More to come.

  1. Right on especially about the TV. I haven’t turned mine on in at least six months. You’d be amazed at what that thing is doing to your head, and how obnoxious it will seem when you encounter one after not watching for a while. It becomes your inner voice. Turn it off!

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