Let’s face it. This huge, tyrannical government has turned it’s citizens into a big group of lazy kids. When there’s an issue we run to the coppers, when we’re sick we go see doctors, when there’s a natural disaster we run to the government. And even breaking it down further when people feel the slightest bit anxious they go seek prescription drugs, or counseling, or some other outside influence to help them cope. What a bunch of SISSIES. I know you’re sensing tones of anger and disgust in this post and I’m sure there’s a pill for that BUT . . . it’s true.

We’ve been coddled and rocked to sleep by all things comforting and little mini-cures for boredom and unease. It’s absolutely ridiculous. This is the same state of mind that makes children cling to parents unnaturally. We’re like fully grown birds with fully grown wings that are still in a nice warm nest but hanging over the sides of it making it about to tip out of the tree. And since we’ve never attempted to fly we’re going to fall to our peril . . . with FULLY GROWN WINGS. It’s time to get off our lazy asses and start taking back sovereignty of our basic survival instincts. “Oh Gabe don’t say ‘survival’, that suggests me having to read, or go without watching CSI, or . . . -gasp- . . . going outside!” TOUGH SHIT.

Look, these economic collapses, declines in the American dollar, implosion of the Euro, illegal black ops wars being started, are all happening at the same time AND for a reason. The problem with the American public is that they see this shit way off in the distance (or more than likely don’t) and maintain apathy. They see a storm coming and refuse to go buy raincoats . . . metaphorically speaking. One thing I’ve avidly done is to make sure I never get too comfortable or dependent on ANYTHING. Look at feudal Japan, or any other civilizations in periods of unrest. They’re forced to refamiliarize themselves with survival without the comforts of perceived order.  Mental dependency is attachment and attachment leads to apathy. Apathy leads to slavery, and slavery leads to doom.

The globalist societies that run things behind the scenes are HELL BENT on their own survival. Why do you think they’re committing so many of these acts in preparation to control us. WE POSE A THREAT to them . . . or at least a perceived one. Little do they know the universe is abundant in all things but that’s going too deep for now. The point is that they’re ready to AND HAVE taken their tactics to extremes of flying planes into buildings to move one step closer to control or what they believe is survival. But “we the people” are too afraid to even feel angst without going to a therapist? What in the hell kind of upside down world is this? WEEN yourself off of the governments teet, because in the coming years and probably months they’re going to be pulling it from your lips on purpose to detox you to the fairyland you’ve been living in. It’s like that dream we’ve all had of riding a bike in complete serenity then all of a sudden hitting a rock and BAM! We’re unpleasantly knocked out of the dream. THAT’S what’s coming.

And again, I don’t mean to be all doom and gloom but first we have to start calling a spade a spade THEN we can learn to deal with it and simply . . . create something new. Most indigenous peoples of the world had it right. They weren’t divorced from their environment. They were the opposite of the apathetic, lazy, adult-children the American public has become. People are more obsessed with clothes that make them look slimmer than GETTING IN FUCKING SHAPE! Unscrew your minds folks because the people that mean to institute centralization of power are NOT playing games . . . while YOU are. I’m sorry little sensative American (pats you on the top of your head) but we’re in a game for keeps. Pensions disappearing, government bailouts of large corporations, the sickening Federal Reserve, underground camps in our airports, illegal wars being started and fought by covert action, THESE are the elements that we’re asleep on. Don’t wait until you’re flat on your face to start doing some pushups. Stay tuned softies.

  1. I’ve been increasingly aware over the last couple of years, of how LESS we are as humans than previous generations. My grandfather’s and my father’s generations lived and prospered through times that might prove too much for mine. Not to mention the ones that come after!

    They were smarter, tougher, and stronger than we are. And we continue to breed in such a way as to diminish our worth as a species, and to make ourselves more and more upon situations and technologies we couldn’t reproduce.

    • Gabriel Anton says:

      Exactly right Bob. We’ve become softer than baby shit by allowing ourselves to be tampered with on all fronts. From food to mind programming to religious indoctrination. They’ve attacked us in every possible way since birth. It’s time to recreate ourselves!

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