AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAND just in time. Good Lord. We know the system created by the global, inbred, criminal cartel is coming apart at the seams. How do we know? Look at SOPA and other bills aimed at censoring the internet. It’s partially the government at work and partially big corporations . . . who in essence ARE  the government. Word spreads fast folks and now more than ever people are finding out good ol’ companies like Wal-Mart don’t have our best interests at heart (carrying food grown by government regulated and controlled establishments putting poison in nearly all food and drink).

Things like “liking” something on Facebook has the powers that be shook in that they can’t control people communicating to each other that something just isn’t right. I’ve seen campaigns FOR internet censorship saying Hollywood will starve if we don’t pass these bull shit bills into law and to that I say . . . who the fuck cares?! Here we are, in 2012, in a pivotal battle for our own minds and they want to quarantine off information from spreading. I’m sorry folks but that’s the equivelent of a modern day book burning. BUT the good news is that these bills and campaigns to block us off from each other are nothing more than the cowards at the top pressing the panic button. In their relentless obsession with control they honestly didn’t take into account that . . . ANY SOCIAL MEDIA, BLOGGING, OR FORMS OF ELECTRONIC COMMUNICATION SET UP TO GATHER INTEL ON CITIZENS COULD ALSO BE A CHANNEL THE CITIZENS COULD USE TO SPREAD INFORMATION TO EACH OTHER.

People are pulling each other out of the matrix left and right. I’m having more insightful and intellectual conversations with other people lately about guess what? . . . SHIT THAT MATTERS! Like how this whole election thing is a fucking scam to deceive American citizens into thinking they have a say so in what goes on in this country. Why are these laws being passed invading our privacy in the name of fighting some fake, phony war on terror. My fellow Americans are spreading Facebook posting and tweeting that the terror they feel comes from the government they think they’re electing. I’m not an anarchist but God damn, just being angry at the tyranny that I see and feel everyday makes me sound like one when I voice my disdain.

And to my fellow Americans who are speaking out . . . I hear you . . . and I’m with you. And due to my managing to stay a rolling stone and free from obligations that would weigh most people down from speaking on a larger platform I’ll be taking it upon myself to go public with every avenue presented to me. The world is getting smaller, the monster these globalist elite criminals have created is getting bigger, and we’re running out of time before they’ll be filling FEMA camps with . . . us. And as I’ve stated in previous posts these FEMA camps DO exist. I am encouraged by the deprogramming of America that is happening right before my eyes. Let’s pull the plug on these sons of bitches.

Gabriel Anton

Former U.S. Marine, Security Forces

  1. Good post, Gabe. I’ll comment more when I get a chance.

  2. Robin Datta says:

    One important facet in deprogramming is to recognize one’s reptilian brain responses can be counterproductive. It is important to deprogram the reptilian brain as well, otherwise intellectual manipulation will be used to control it.

    Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

    • Gabriel Anton says:

      You’re right on Robin, They want to force us into living out our reptillian brain and live in constant survival with no empathy for other life.

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