So the Mayan calendar drops off in December this year. Other ancient civilizations described this moment in the time loop as pivotal to our next phase of consciousness . . . and so on and so forth. So what does that have to do with our day to day lives? What does this mean to us? Is the world coming to an end? We see hollywood bombard us with images of impending doom, our tallest buildings covered in tsunami waves, earthquakes, alien invasions, and anything else they can dig into our subconscious with to implant fear.

But the new Human Being I believe is going to be moving ahead of the curve. Instead of subscribing to fear a great many of us are shifting into a greater state of gratitude. And not the type of gratitude you feel for materialistic things but an appreciation for . . . BEING. Which is the basis for all willpower to be instrumental in achieving happiness and one’s dreams. We are in a state of gratitude for being without having attachment to things outside of our own feelings. Not judging persons, places, or things as good nor bad but just as experience to feel emotion . . . and to feel alive.

And it’s beautiful. Imagine a world where we all appreciate each other, appreciate all our thoughts and emotions, viewpoints. We are all light beams on different sides of the same prizm with one light source sustaining us. We are finally learning to appreciate each different beam as unique and necessary to seeing the Oneness of us and the Infinite. And no I’m not trying to speak in some new-agey dialect (new age philosophy is just another mind prison) but speaking with no labels, no fantastic connotations, but articulating life as an art form which I believe it is and should be to all.

The new Human Being is surfacing as One who doesn’t attach itself to any event, realizing nothing is owned, all is borrowed, to be enjoyed. Even your own physical shell. We are Infinite Consciousness looking in a vast mirror, curious about it’s own existence and power. Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t it even more amazing that the civilizations of old predicted we would start remembering who we are? We’ve been asleep for so long, fighting wars, killing ourselves, buried in self loathing all because we just haven’t understood who and what we are. It should move you inside that the struggle we’ve been going through has been simply to understand our identity and after thousands and thousands of years we realize it didn’t have to be a struggle at all.

We’ve detached ourselves from events, people, possessions, and have become grateful just to BE. The freedom this concept implies is priceless. We’ve relied on the wrong sources inquiring about who we are. Why does it take 9 months for us to grow, then we are born, then we learn, love, lose, win, seek, find, hurt, overcome, then after about 70 or so years we die and think it never meant anything anyways. But looking through that lens we discover nothing meaningful about ourselves. In the eternal moment of NOW we are finding our heaven on earth. The eternal Kingdom of Heaven described in the Bible and other texts is the FEELING of gratitude and happiness in the eternal moment of NOW.

If you look to the sky and or to the future for your “Heaven” you’ll miss it right in front of you. Your children, your family, the feeling you have now when you appreciate what you have and the people you’ve brought into your life to give you those emotions. We must never overlook those. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That means something deeper than we think. Live free, in appreciate of what is, and what CAN be will become your Heaven. Do not attach yourself to things because they’re mere energy in an event taking form as that thing. The form will pass away as will your body but the energy, the Oneness, the Infinite All lives on.

  1. Lisa Rasper says:

    Gabe you really have turned out to be an amazing artist and influence – keep up the inspiration!! – Love your cousin Lisa

  2. bodhiprajna says:

    Hey gabriel, really well written post. You deal with a very complicated philosophy very cogently. Have you listened to Alan Watts? He’s on the same wavelength and i completely agree. We don’t own this life, all we seem to try and do is fill the void with things, its like a ritualised fear of death we all seem to have. But theres nothing to be afraid of and instead of getting so wrapped up in the material world we need to realise our true nature which is spirit and not body. That this life is nothing more than a dream state becomes clearer and clearer the more you think of it and every single bit of information i gather, whether from religion, philosophy or psychadelics, proves to me that we are all one consciousness. We need to realise this and focus on our commonalities not our differences, we need to love each other and ourselves for who we are not what we wish ourselves or others to be; not by filling the void. Im very interested to see what the new dawn brings, this precession has been a long time coming, are we finally to leave the age of blindness and consumerist babylon behind?

    Great article!

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