“Hello Mr and Mrs American Citizen, do as I say not as I do. Live by our double standard and don’t question us. We are the supreme authority, any angst you feel toward us is unwarranted and should be censored immediately. Leave your preservation to us, your interests are well protected, even if it means spying on you, detaining you indefinitely, and soft killing you in the name of ‘freedom’.” says the government that’s run by a shadow elite group. You go peacefully protest just as you’re told you have the right to do and you’re met with force by the militarized, power tripping, brainwashed police.

They say if you don’t like something write your congressman. While your congressmen are bought and paid for by big corporations that poison you and look at you as part of a market share. Write your congressman while your letter of concern has an icicle’s chance in hell of making it to his desk. Write your congressman who doesn’t have a say so in jack shit and these days isn’t even consented in going to war like our founding fathers instructed. Violence isn’t the answer yet the answer to any conflict of interest in international dealings is met with military bullying. Violence being a tool of big corporations who make more bucks off our family members in uniform dying believing they’re sacrificing to preserve our way of life.

Support the war on drugs while the CIA and FBI are documented repeatedly as having armed drug cartels, help bring opium from Afghanistan (where Marines are helping opium farmers grow crops) to pump into the streets to bust dope dealers and fiends. Support the war on drugs while boatloads of drugs are brought into America under Coast Guard and CIA escort. Support the war on terror while Google and it’s subsidiaries are commissioned to record every keystroke you make to see what you’re up to.

Support the troops while many black ops are being ran abroad with specific orders to leave our special forces in the engagement zone because they don’t want the word out (we see it in movies but never in mainstream media, and it happens all the time). Support our troops when we’re never given a clear story on what they’re doing and why. Trust the government with keeping you and the kids healthy while they pump toxic chemicals in your food and drink, and shrink the selection of outlets you can choose to buy food from. The government is looking out for your health while huge pharmaceutical companies get government passes to distribute new drugs to kill you and dumb you down.

Trust the legal system when 90% of the law is denial and  most of law is subject to interpretation. Whoever has the most money, can afford the best lawyers . . . wins. Or if you have the most money and more important connections you avoid the system all together. Now . . . I don’t know . . . maybe IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII’m crazy here but this sounds just a LITTLE bit like hypocrisy. Is it possible (gasp) that MAYBE, just MAYBE we’re being told something while something else is going on? Are you feeling like you’re being led into something under false pretenses? . . .

No epic finish to this post. Just felt like getting some of that off my chest. That’s all for now.

  1. bodhiprajna says:

    Great summary Gabriel, it all links together so easily when you see through the illusion of democracy and into the web of conflicting interests. Those who want from us expect us to accept their dominion in the illusion that we put them there and that we control their tenure in office. The fact is we don’t, like you say the figureheads of our society are wrapped up in big business, that’s who put them there in the first place, not us, not democracy, we’re fed this horse shit idea that we have choice…yeah right, there’s only two parties and all most of the members are part of the CFR which has its own agenda…that’s freedom alright. Anyway, nice blog, will be following 😛

    • Gabriel Anton says:

      Thanks you for your comment and I’m emphatically encouraged to know you’re aware of what’s going on!

      • bodhiprajna says:

        The few of us who are aware should definitely spread the word. If you’d like to do a featured article on my “New Philosophies” section that’d be awesome. It’s all very well us lot all waxing lyrical about the corrupt system but we need to give alternatives. Be awesome if you could and be happy to partake in any joint ventures for activist projects, news spreading etc.

      • Gabriel Anton says:

        Yes of course I’ll do an article for your blog. I’d love to and I’ll gladly do my part to spread knowledge and network with other free minds. My email is gabetheartist@gmail. We can discuss further details.

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