Everybody and their freedom lovin mama has been rallying behind Ron Paul and the whole end the fed campaign as of late. It shows progress but its far from an end all be all solution to a problem that spans decades and even before. Ron Paul looks, sounds, and appears to act different from any other politician so those that are becoming awake to the ever present danger of coming martial law gravitate toward his views. But if you think for one moment the same minds that have orchestrated and put into play such an elaborate scheme thus far as to taking away our freedoms by baby steps of consent would actually let a guy like Ron Paul garner attention without some hidden plot behind it you’re gravely mistaken.

Ron Paul is nothing more than a guage, a meter to test the tolerance and resolve of those who are tired of the bull shit. By voting for him they’re able to count up who really knows the fed is scam. I mean look at Ron Paul’s body language and mannerisms. He’s no doubt a politician but he reminds me of a high school lunch money victim, scared out of his mind to tell his bully they won’t be eating at his expense today.
He’s a plant, a scripted underdog that was bred to lose in the end. They want us, the lovers of freedom, the embodiement of  righteous indignation, the “barbarian state”, to put our chips on a guy scared of his own shadow for speaking out on 1/100th of what’s right. Nooooo, we are warriors. We didn’t become this feared by the gobalist elite by looking and sounding like the Barney Fife of politics. We the people should no longer graciously ask, we must demand with a fist of fury. Ron Paul has a “voting record”. So the fuck what…a voting record in a system that manipulates these so called “votes”. A system that sells “votes” and “votERS” like cattle.
Every “vote” in this system where we think we can measure our say so is just a vote for more tyranny and control. So no a “voting record” doesn’t count. If any of these jackass politicians had any clue as to what they were involved in or if they had any integrity they would get the hell out of public disservice and do what I’m doing now. When Mr. Frail Paul was asked if 9/11 was an orchestration of our own government he all of a sudden got the shivers and cosigned the original moronic explanation forcefed by the corporate whore American media. I smell bull shit.

But mind you I’m not singling this lil’ character out by any stretch. None of these peabrain, stuffed shirt, teleprompter readers make a fuck of a difference in the grand scheme of things. I just don’t want my fellow Barbarians being fooled by another fake freedom fighter blowing smoke. People say that the fact that a guy like Dr. Paul getting this close is a mini-victory for grassroots. I say it’s a living, breathing, joke and mockery of what the Barbarians stand for. I have news for the globalist elite that think they can make this little Dr. Pipe Cleaner Paul the mascot for sons and daughters of true liberty. We don’t look, talk, nor are as humble as this guy…and we’re not laughing.

  1. Shane Michael says:

    Good point’s and bad, I’m thinking Ron understands the consequences of exposing secret orders, and pointing fingers toward the corrupt.
    He has mentioned several times the dysfunction of the U.N. and NATO, as well as The IMF.
    Be it a measuring stick for the elite? so be it, i do know secret militia are growing all over the country due to Ron Pauls confirmation of the psyhco neocon’s controlling the corporate congress.
    There is one thing secret elite societies, corrupt banksters, and politicians cannot fuck with, the Constitution of the United States.

    • bodhiprajna says:

      In what way can’t they fuck with it? They can bypass it with statues and toe their way around it; impose illegal sanctions like the defence authorisation act; corrupt the system whilst manipulating it to their will; blanket their deceptions and subterfuges and generall go against everything to constituion stands for. They can do what they like. The constitution means very little. I’m not saying it’s not worth knowing but unless used by a majority it’s nothing more than an illusion; the illusion that this statute represents you and your freedom and will uphold it for you. It doesn’t work like that anymore, we don’t work by it, it’s just a reference and they can and do counteract it.

  2. bodhiprajna says:

    It’s the same as it was with Obama, they just want to sweep all of us into their net. First it was te afro-american part of the population. An minority with a hell of a lot of anger, give them a president, make them feel they’re free. Now it’s the “libertarians”, those who think change can’t occur. Like you say, they only debate on 1/100, if not 1/1000000 of the issues out there. He talks about the fed etc but put the concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order’s corruption of the mainstream media in front of this guy and he’ll run for the hills like the rest of them. They would’nt be where they were unless they toed the line all the way up to the CFR would they!
    Great Post Gabe, keep em coming. Keep Thinking Differently!

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