We wear suits. We strive to be “politically correct”. We stop at red lights and go when they turn green. We work 40 hour work weeks. We have systems for everything. A legal system, an education system, a healthcare system, and so on. We shake hands when we meet, we say things like “nice to meet you” or “have a nice day”. We groom ourselves, wear clothes that are acceptable, we teach our children mainline ideas and views so they’ll be accepted by the rest of society. I’m not pointing these things out specifically to demonize one aspect in particular, but rather to make a contrast. It seems we have most of the surface level things down (even though much of this conditioning is abstract and like everything else in the universe…is subjective).

But we’re “civilized” and pride ourselves on being so. Thank God we’re civilized right? The alternative would be something disastrous like going back to half naked, savage tribes in constant conflict with each other right? Ok, as I’m writing this I’m getting sick of my own sarcasm so let me delve into my points. Via materialism, brainwashing, social engineering by genius yet unwise sociopaths, and other mechanisms the mind, body, and spirit of the collective has eroded. SO obsessed with superficial bullshit that bears no importance on us returning to our natural state of awareness. Don’t believe me? Spark a discussion with a friend about something you know is superficial bullshit, a tv show, a concert, politics, and watch their empty eyes light up.

Now mention to a friend that one day they’re going to die. Mention how they need to value everybody they come in contact with as a living mirror of their own reflection and how the universe has sent people and events in their lives to return them to the state of being they would have been if not for domestication. You see, we have movies like “Avatar” and others to show what’s happened all throughout history. These fearful parasites, left brain prisoners themselves, have no creativity, spirituality, capacity for empathy. They are isolated from the rest of the ether and are in eternal hell in the eternal moment of now. They move in and seek to “civilize” the tribes of this world who live close to nature and who are spiritual. When I talk about indigenous peoples it’s the Native Americans, Asians who lived in mountainous regions, African tribes, and many others who are far too many to name. If you study the history and beliefs of these “uncivilized” groups of people you’ll see some similarities.

1. War – They didn’t have massive wars that kill millions of people. Nuclear bomb? These tribes held love and unity in the same high regards “civilized” society regards war. They had systems of matriarchy in place to ensure men didn’t get caught up in foolish pride and end up killing each other in large numbers.

2. Resources – They didn’t believe in lack or scarcity. They believed the universe brings abundance by default. There wasn’t a need to horde. They believed what defined a man wasn’t what he had but rather what he did. They didn’t have to dig in the earth and concoct chemicals to sustain themselves. They found that the elements they needed to thrive were already there.

3. Anarchy – They were strictly against any form of centralization of power. This is where TRUE free will was exercised. Freedom of choice wasn’t just some notion. If you didn’t like the beliefs of one tribe you can just move to a tribe which believes as you, or even start your own. It probably wasn’t spoken but it was certainly understood that supposedly two parties couldn’t rule over 312 million people. This idea would have been ridiculous and a total nightmare to the ancient tribes of this earth…and as we see today it remains a nightmare…that we are living.

4. Health – They were generally in good health. Now granted some researchers have theories that life expectancy was a lot shorter in those days. But what was the quality of life? Again, we all die one day. It’s the quality of life, not necessarily the quantity of years. Now this sounds crazy to “civilized” people, you know, the average domesticated idiot who thinks he’ll live forever because the Department of Homeland Security and FDA are protecting them. You’re being barely kept alive just to be a gear in the machine. Indigenous people lived healthy lives because they were getting their nutrition and medicine straight from the earth, not from synthetic death cocktails we call food, drink, and medicine today.

5. Spirituality – They believed we are all One, which we are. The goal of most indigenous tribes were to reach higher levels of consciousness. To achieve this they lived in in their own imaginations. It’s now coincidence that these ancient peoples all understood our relationship to the rest of the universe as creators. To love, to express, to revere life and respect it, these were the standards. True warriors embraced these ideals. We see this in their rituals, record keeping, art, and science. And notice how much more advanced they were. Our most quoted and wisest sayings come from them. We just don’t honor them because of our domestication. They knew what we have forgotten. That’s why they kept records of what they realized about themselves knowing one day the human race would need them after centuries of decadence.

Civilization as we understand it is nothing more than domestication. Man is born wild and free. The cowardly, sick, sociopaths who pull strings from the shadows fear the wild and free man. He is unpredictable, young forever in spirit, formulates his own views from logic filtered through his imagination/divinity, not the other way around as with the parasite class. We gravitate towards our wild ancestry and you see it within pop culture. The parasite class MUST show us reflections of our previous selves in some way so they control hollywood and the music industry. They give us glimpses of it and look how we run to it. We seek haven in our indigenous origins, freeing us from the insanity we all feel to a degree living in a society of suits and corporate titles. The parasite class release these types of media to gauge our response, to see if we’re headed back, to control IF we return to that state or not. That’s why movies like “Braveheart”, “Avatar”, and others do well at the box office. It isn’t the CGI or the fight scenes, or the dialogue. It’s the vague memory of what and who we once were, who we’re supposed to be, and what we will one day return to. Domestication, rules, laws, left brain control of the imaginative mind, all equal death. And as we all know life expands, so eventually we will shake the chains of “civilization” for the sake of our own survival.

Also to note about these “civilized” types. Politicians, corporate big wigs, people in positions of power within this system are the FURTHEST thing from “civilized”. Matter of fact if you even have a shred of dignity or reverence for life you will be screened out almost immediately. If you feel empathy they have no use for you. These people wear the nice suits, speak with perfect grammar, attend ivy league schools…and will lie to you about what color the sky is with a straight face. They appear polite and sophisticated. These people send us to war to kill each other while they watch…in their nice suits, speaking perfect grammar, and attending ivy league schools. They appear non-threatening, knowledgeable, they smile a lot and laugh at shit that ain’t funny to give you the appearance that nothing is wrong and they wear their intentions on their sleeves. A far cry from the savages they colonized right? I’ll take being wild, free, reckless, unpredictable, at home in my own humanity, over what they’re PRETENDING to be any day. And if you…you who are reading this post….feel uncomfortable reading this it’s because these resonate as true. The system is built on hypocrisy so naturally detoxing to it seems confusing but just as the great Bob Marley said, “Everyone has the answer.”


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