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I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything here on my personal blog, and for that I make no excuses. Lately I’ve felt that I’m being pulled towards an objective greater than my own life can substantiate. Every glance at the news, every conversation, every comment, I seem to be sensitive to underlying issues as to the “why”. Why do we as a species act like we do? Why go to war? Why prey on our fellow human beings? When you take a step back you see all this false bravado and angst for what it really is . . . FEAR. Or better yet FEAR OF SELF? So then I dig deeper.

I start to notice parallels and symbolic representations in everything and the dots connect. I research history and the cycles of life before I was around and I see even more parallels. Yesterday’s young from one side of an ocean was sent over to kill yesterday’s young from the other side. And what did they have in common? They all came from a woman.

Now in this post I’m not going to go into all the duality based themes that reoccur throughout the universe but for the sake of making my point I’ll name a few. Light/dark, inhalation/exhalation, positive/negative, good/evil (perceived evil), man/woman . . . and the one duality which connects all . . . order/chaos. Now language limits the interpretation of ideas, feelings, and beliefs so I’ll try to explain as eloquently as possible. Hopefully I’ll be able to convey my understanding in such a way that you can grasp it beyond reading these words, because this simple understanding is what’s going to either end us as a species or make us realize the error we’ve made so we may correct it.

Man, male energy, the creative force, the thrust of intent if you will, ORDER . . . these are all one. They connect, they are of the same essence. Left brain, facts and figures, filters, charged with organizing the great “out there”. Many call this the “rational mind”. Being able to make decisions to create predictable outcomes. These characteristics are what make men what they are in this society. Being able to organize chaos. “We don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow but with Johnny on the job we know he’ll come through and make the outcome predictable”

Ambition, if you break down the meaning to it’s basic components, is a term for making the unknown . . . known. Then we have woman. Female energy, infinite possibility of life regeneration. Women give life, bear our young, are receptive, nurturing, emotional, more intuitive than man with his rational thinking left brain-ran mind. Female energy is the force of CHAOS. Now before you women get upset let me make you aware that regardless of your conditioning by society, chaos is NECESSARY and a good thing. Chaos represents the great unknown, the world of our wild feelings and emotions. Our IRRATIONAL mind, ¬†our right brain, our creative faculties.

Chaos is part of the Infinite All. Chaos is not to be understood in the traditional sense for I believe everything is synced to happen as it should. Here’s a strong metaphor, would you want to wake up every morning for the rest of your life knowing EXACTLY what was going to happen that day? Sure it sounds appealing at first but this would define what most of us think of as “hell” when you really break it down. If life is to be an adventure and the human race are meant to be wanderers as I believe we are then who are we to NOT embrace chaos.

Now going deeper into my point. We see wars, men pointing rockets and bombs at each other threatening to destroy one another and for what? For security, for predictability, to know that we won’t be attacked and killed by our fellow man. It somehow helps the elitists deal with their fear of being obliterated. Which is a losing battle because simply put . . . WE ALL DIE ONE DAY. So what is security? What is rational thinking? What is focusing energy on desired outcomes with extreme attachment if we only get a few years to experience life anyways? We all know the mantra of the secret cabal who runs everything, “order out of chaos”. Ever wonder why all missiles are shaped like dicks? Ever wonder why there’s so much rhetoric between nations’ male leaders before they send their young to die? FEAR . . . fear of the unknown . . . fear of CHAOS.

What we have here are a bunch of insecure, fearful, representatives of male energy obsessed with control and power. Quests for power are rooted in fear of the unknown, fear of undesired outcomes, fear of other possibilities, fear of CHAOS . . . which is as stated before, female energy embodied. Back in the days when indigenous peoples were in communities and close to nature they had systems of matriarchy. The elders were women. And who is better to make a decision to have her young go fight and die for a cause than the woman who bore them?

Women called the shots back then because communities who were close to nature had an understanding that the female energy (chaos) is the giver of life. Look at the way we treat women in this world culture to culture. Islam suppresses women to the point of having to cover up and oftentimes go through procedures to cut off their parts that would make sex pleasurable to a woman. Look at China where it’s looked at as disgraceful to have a daughter. Look at how women are treated in the western world, objectified, and made to believe they are to be nothing but pieces of ass to be won by the most ambitious and power seeking of men.

And women who have been socially engineered into thinking this is so cosign this tragic story go right along with it. Look at what man is doing to the earth, which I believe is female in it’s characteristics being that it gives and sustains life just as a woman does. The earth has storms (mood swings), earthquakes, and other natural disasters which suggests it’s own unpredictability and chaos. But it still gives and sustains life. And man in his over-ambitious ways drills into her, rapes her, cuts down her rainforests, and concocts toxic chemicals from her elements to kill one another. This goes everything that is the female energy, the giver of life. I’ve always believe that a man treats life how he treats women, and life acts accordingly.

Those who don’t appreciate women, chaos, the unknown, to me are closer to the grave than they know. Lenin is a prime example of the over-dominance of male energy. He wrote poetry as a man obsessed with order of out chaos that instead of not knowing the outcome of the earth and the human species he suggested that mankind should blow themselves and the world up as a testament to his power. WHAT THE FUCK KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT? That is the summed up version of what man has become, order out of chaos. Ladies and gentlemen LIFE itself is a dance of order and chaos. But we must keep in mind that the female energy is nurturing so no matter the unpredictability it behaves a mother. Always looking after us even though we don’t know what may happen.

The next stage in the evolution of man I believe will be to embrace chaos and the unknown . Man’s job is to create and move forward with intent but never to suppress chaos in order to conquer his own fears of it. This equates to a bully starting a fight knowing he will win. The next evolution of man will be the man who shows up for a fight not knowing if he will win or lose. And with society imploding as it is we know that the male species will be faced with this confrontation. The confrontation of his own dance with chaos.

I’ll be posting more on this because even as long as this post turned out to be I feel there are those of you who don’t fully grasp the truths I’m trying to state and that I haven’t even started to scratch the surface of this profound duality and symbolism. And as a representative of the new evolution of the male species I just want to apologize to all women. I’m sorry for the suppression. I’m sorry that men still are insecure and scared to the point of sending your young to die. I’m sorry you’ve been made to feel second place and you’re really FIRST. I’m sorry men are so scared of chaos they do the heinous things they do to each other and to you on a grand scale. I’m not one of them. I’m not afraid of the unknown. I’m not afraid of the dance . . . with chaos. More to come.


“Hello Mr and Mrs American Citizen, do as I say not as I do. Live by our double standard and don’t question us. We are the supreme authority, any angst you feel toward us is unwarranted and should be censored immediately. Leave your preservation to us, your interests are well protected, even if it means spying on you, detaining you indefinitely, and soft killing you in the name of ‘freedom’.” says the government (more…)