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In this next installment of making it as an artist I’m going to cover what I did in respects to my direct mail campaign. Direct mail is VERY important in soliciting your services to publishers/magazines etc. Some companies want an inquiry letter first, some want samples on disc, others want tearsheets . . . but most will look at a simple postcard that represents your art and message. Art directors don’t have a lot of time to be going through a million samples anyways so they want to see something that fits their immediate need, at the same time seeing that you’re a professional. Here’s my most successful postcard to date: (more…)


Here’s the second installment in the series where we’re going to be dealing in details and stuff you’re going to need to get set up and start looking for prospects and hitting them hard. First thing you’re going to need is a book keeping system. You can do this with physical files or on your laptop or pda if you have one. Get a physical green folder and mark it “Income” and a red folder marking it “Expenses”. Also you’ll want to keep a log of your creating and marketing time slots because you’ll need to keep track of your time. If you want you can keep track of all this electronically using your laptop or pda. I integrate all three methods in synchronization but I can tell you sometimes technology will let you down . . . so don’t be lazy, keep physical records for backup. Plus we still live in a society where we get paper receipts and invoices for transactions. You don’t want to blow up and have the I.R.S. (sick face) at your door while all you have is your hands full of crashed equipment and no records. Next thing you’re going to want to do is get some EXTREMELY CRUCIAL BOOKS which I’m going to tell you which ones to buy. You may find other books outside of the list I give you here but these are the absolute MUST BUYS here. Since a lot of you may not get to sit down and have a cup of coffee with established artists in our industry you can do the next best thing and read what they have to say and how they got there. Here is the list you need to get asap.

2010 Artist’s & Graphic Designer’s Market (more…)


A lot of artists I’ve come in contact with over the years have asked me a lot about my journey from 9 to 5’ing it to being a full-time artist. So after the advice I’ve given I finally decided to sit down and blog about it so that all can see and bypass a lot of hurdles along the way. Nobody loves free information more than me so I might as well do my part in contributing. I’m going to try to cover as broad a range of art/photography as possible without sacrificing too much career-specific detail. Also a lot of you may already be generating revenue with your art but there may be tips in these blogs that can help you out in reaching the next level. While no two careers in the art industry are identical I’m going to try to help you organize the chaos that is the professional art world so you can build your own prototype in your head before execution. 

Now there are two ways to pursue a career in art, freelancing or being on staff. I’m going to hit them both but mostly freelancing in these blogs due to the way this field is changing. Companies are turning to freelancing more often to diversify their talent pool. Most artists I talk to don’t like a 9 to 5 or a boss anyways and I can relate. Back in the early 2000’s when Disney traditional animation was just coming out of its golden age they had expressed interest in me and offered me a scholarship. I graciously declined. People called me crazy but I just couldn’t see myself, an untamed artist, being just being another cog in the Disney machine. Plus I knew I wanted to be my own boss if I was to undertake a career in art. (more…)